Saturday, February 23, 2013

Lacquerhead Polish Green Apple & Make Me Holo

What is this tomfoolery of a Saturday post?! I know usually on the weekends my blog brings the sounds of crickets chirping. :P I have a lot of polishes I have been meaning to swatch and figured the best way other than doing 3-4 posts a day (I am forgetful enough when I do 1-2!) was to do a few weekend ones. :) For your Saturday viewing pleasure I have Lacquerhead Polish!

Green Apple is a green jelly with scatted holo glitter. All nails are 3 coats with no top coat.
HOLY COW this is amazing. It is spot on the color for a green apple, but reminds me of the slim they used to use on Nickelodeon shows. :P Who didn't want to secretly get "slimmed" when they were kids? It would probably be a bit unhealthy, ok a lot unhealthy, to throw a bottle of this over your head, so let's just live vicariously through it as a nail color. ;) Formula, like all Lacquerhead's jellies, was amazing and dried super quick and shiny with no top coat.
I know this may seem like a weird combo, but Green apple "sandwiching" Lacquerhead Polish Slumber Party reminds me of dragon/snake/random scaly animal with added sparkle! ;)
Make Me Holo is Spectraflair top coat which means you can add it over any color for a holo effect! I went with "skittle" nails to show it off. ;) From my index to pinky is  New York Summer Hot Atomic Red, New York Summer Summer Fun, NYC Water Street Blue and Pure Ice Last Chance all with 2 coats of Make Me Holo and no top coat.
Holo amazingness, oh how I love thee! Seriously though how much fun with you can have with this polish? Tons!! With one coat it provides a good amount of holo, but with 2 even more. Of course I went with the 2 route. ;) Formula was great, as always! Also, check out this amazing picture Kara, who blogs on Never Gonna Give You Up, posted on Lacquerhead's Facebook Me Holo layering Make Me Holo over Bless Your Heart! So much fun to be had! ;)

Lacquerhead Polish can be purchased on Etsy here. Currently both of these polishes are out of stock >_< sorry! Hopefully she will have more listed soon! Make sure to follow Facebook here and Twitter here, to find out when these and other colors will be listed.

Also, make sure to check out Never Gonna Give You Up's blog here and Facebook here. She does some great combos, nail art and had some amazing hennaed hands she showed off in a few posts!
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