Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Smitten Polish ERMAHGERD, CANDY CORMS + Halloween Manicure

Honestly, I haven't had time to brush up on my nail art skills since things around my house have been a little crazy. :P For my Halloween manicure I still wanted to do something fun though! I also wanted to swatch this because a friend is soon to be having her son and I thought she would love to see this a few days before he makes his appearance into the world. So this is not only my Halloween manicure, it's for Cami and soon to be Kieran! :)

Smitten Polish ERMAHGERD, CANDY CORMS is small and large yellow and orange glitter suspended in a milky white base.
All fingers are 3 coats with no base coat and a top coat of Hong Kong Girl Top Coat.
What is not to love about this polish! The name is first and fore most amazing and the color is great because it doesn't give off a "in your face" Halloween color so it can worn any time. :) I added some nail decals from Cina Pro to make it a little more "Halloweenish". 

Smitten Polish can be found on etsy hereERMAHGERD, CANDY CORMS is in stock! For any international readers, Smitten Polish can be found through Shoppe Eclecticco here. Make sure to like Smitten Polish on Facebook here.

Cina Pro products can be purchased online at Sally Beauty Supply here and in store. They are also sold in Cosmoprof store. 

Darling Diva Polish Electric Sex Review & Swatches

As soon as I got Darling Diva Polish Electric Sex in the mail, I had a huge gut feeling it was based off the "leg lamp" in A Christmas Story. Carrie, the creator of Darling Diva Polish, confirmed this and it made so happy! My husband and I noticed a smaller replica of the leg lamp while shopping the other day and are seriously thinking about buying one soon! :P This polish makes me want to go out and buy one even more now!

Darling Diva Polish Electric Sex is a black jelly based polish with various shapes and sizes of gold glitter.
For my index and ring finger I used 1 coat of Electric Sex over 2 coats of Wet n Wild Ebony Hates Chris. My middle and pinky fingers are 3 coats of Electric Sex over bare nail. All nails have no top or base coats.
Formula of this polish was great! It dried quickly and has a nice glossy look without a top coat. There was no need to "fish" out any glitters and was the perfect consistency. :)
While I did try Electric Sex over a black polish to see how it looked compared to no base color, I think I prefer it without a base color. I love how the gold glitters are hidden in the jelly base and peak through when the light hits them. 

Darling Diva Polish A Christmas Story inspired polishes, which includes Electric Sex, will be available tomorrow, November 1st, at Darling Diva's etsy store here. You can find other great swatches from the A Christmas Story inspired collection on Captivating Claws blog here, Jen's Nail Files Facebook here and Pointless Cafe here. Make sure to like Darling Diva Polish on Facebook here!
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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Darling Diva Polish Pink Nightmare Review & Swatches

I have another great polish from Darling Diva Polish's A Christmas Story themed collection today, Pink Nightmare! I have to admit, I love looking up the pictures from the movie to include in my post, it gets me super excited about the holiday season in general and being able to watch the movie a million times! :P

Darling Diva Polish Pink Nightmare has a pink shimmery base with various sizes of pink hexagon glitter, larger white hexagon glitter and iridescent hexagon glitter (my new favorite thing!). 

All fingers are 2 coats of Pink Nightmare over no base base coat and with a top coat of Hong Kong Girl Top Coat. 
This polish was a tad thick, but workable. There is so much glitter in Pink Nightmare, I think that has a lot to do with it having a little thicker formula and also contributing to it having an average dry time. I didn't have to "fish" for a single glitter, in fact a few times I had to swipe off some glitter from the brush on the neck because so much came out at once! 
Pink Nightmare is far from a nightmare, it's like a dream! That is if you dream of pink sparkly amazingness! :P It has the same beautiful iridescent hexes that You'll Shoot Your Eye (post here) had, so I could not be happier! :)

Darling Diva Polish A Christmas Story inspired polishes will be available for purchase on Thursday, November 1st. Find Darling Diva Polishes on etsy here and on Facebook here.
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Halloween Giveaway Winners!

I'm sure everyone is itching to see the winners of this giveaway, so I won't write out too much! :P As always, thank you for everyone that entered! I wish I had enough Lynnderella polishes to give out and make everyone an owner of one, but unfortnatntly I don't. :/ 
I am happy to say I have gotten really close to 1,000 "likes" on Facebook and once I reach that milestone will have some limited polishes to giveaway (Sonoma Nail Art 1,000 FB Likes and Elevation Polish Marble Caves are 2 of them!) I guess monthly giveaways on my blog have turned into a "thing" :P 

Anyways, enough talking onto the winners!!

Pam H.- Prize #1: Undead Red and Early Halloween

Leanna L.- Prize #2: Early Halloween and Ghost of A Chance

Julie M.- Prize #3: Undead Red and Ghost of A Chance

Congratulations to you 3! :)I have emailed all 3 and they have 72 hours to respond to be or a new winner will be selected in their place. I did make the contact time longer, in case the winners have or are being affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Again thank you to everyone! 

Also, if you are interested, I complied a list of everyone's answers for their favorite Lynnderella polishes with the number of times they were mentioned. You can see the list here. Connect the dots was the winner with Ghost of A Chance not far behind! ;)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Darling Diva Polish You'll Shoot Your Eye Out Review & Swatches

When Darling Diva Polish asked me to review some polishes for her, I was super excited. Then, I read that she was basing her holiday polishes off the movie A Christmas Story and I almost died from happiness! I can't be the only person that watches this movie at least a dozen times during the holidays! :P When I was looking for a photos to include with each post, normally I don't but with these polishes how could I not, I even found that the house used in the film is now a museum (link here) how awesome! 

Darling Diva Polish You'll Shoot Your Eye Out is a mixture of larger white and blue holographic hexes, white matte squares, white bar glitter and smaller iridescent hexes all in a clear base. Enough glitter to shoot your eye out with! :P
I used 2 coats of You'll Shoot Your Eye Out over  2 coats of Chirality Polish Cu2+ (post here). No base coat was used and I used a top coat of Seche Vite.
Application of You'll Shoot Your Eye Out was great! I did have to place a few glitters, but I didn't need to "dab" on the polish to begin with. The formula wasn't too thick or too thin, which is nice because with a lot of "glitter bombs" it goes one way or the other, and dry time was average. With 1 coat of Seche Vite my nail felt slightly "bumpy", I think had I applied one more coat of Seche Vite or a thicker coat this would have been smoothed out better. I didn't have a problem with any of the glitter sticking up even with 1 coat of top coat though!
This polish is a "glitter bomb" to say the least! All the colors work great together and I absolutely LOVE the iridescent hexes! :D

Darling Diva Polish You'll Shoot Your Eye Out and the rest of the A Christmas Story inspired polishes aren't available for purchase yet but will be on Thursday, November 1st. You can find Darling Diva Polishes on etsy here. Also, make sure to like Darling Diva Polish on Facebook here to get updates on new collections.
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Sunday, October 28, 2012

OPI Into The Night

Continuing with posting swatches of polishes I have used for base colors, today I have OPI Into The Night. I previously used this polish as a base for Lynnderella NightShade (post here). I don't think putting NightShade over Into The Night was a good choice since some of the glitters in NightShade didn't pop really well, though it is a pretty color by itself!

OPI Into The Night is a metallic blue frost with a purple undertones. 
All fingers are 3 coats of Into the Night with a top coat of Seche Vite and a base coat of Seche Clear.
This is one polish I regret not having a full size of, I have so much polish is hard to justify full size bottles all the time and I love being able to try out a variety of colors with mini sets. I really love this color though, and how it glows, so it is something I will probably pick up a full size of in the future. ;)

Into the Night is from OPI's Spiderman Collection released in July 2012. I have still seen it at my local Ulta store (My Ulta rarely puts things on clearance and stocks a lot of limited collections in with normal colors for some reason) and you can also find it online from websites like Amazon and I did find China Glaze Want My Bawdy is a pretty close dupe for Into the Night, see All You Desire's post here. Want My Bawdy is also limited, hopefully if you can't find one color you can find the other! Find OPI on Facebook here.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Chirality Polish Cu2+, Apollonia & The Symbiote

I guess I am going back on my word about posting base colors I have been using, oops! I really wanted to show off these polishes from Chirality while she has her sale going on this weekend though. :) If you are like me and can't figure out how to pronounce Chirality, this should help you. Chirality usually refers to molecules that are a non-superimposable mirror image. Amanda, the creator of Chirality Polish, is an Optometry student and I love that I learned something while looking into polish! She has great short stories describing each polish color and I included each one in the descriptions.  

Chirality Polish Cu2+ is a darker teal/blue holographic."A lonely scientist is working to compose the ultimate love potion. While working in her laboratory, a freak accident involving copper, or Cu2+, infuses to our heroine to create an electronically charged Siren. Who says elements from the periodic table can't be beautiful?"
In all my swatches, I used 2 coats of each polish with no top or base coat. I am light handed when it comes to polish application and I think if I would have been a little heavier handed I could have gotten away with 1 coat of each.
 Apollonia is deep purple holographic."Purified in the waters of Lake Minnetonka, Apollonia is the pure definition of sexuality and beauty. She's a no-nonsense kind of girl who will scratch her way to the top to get what she desires. Her voice is strong and can be heard by everyone, even through the rain."
Another great thing about these polishes, besides that they are beautiful, a top coat won't dull them! While, I didn't apply a top coat in my photos I did put one after taking photos and had no problems with the holographic look being toned down.
The Symbiote is a charocoal black holographic."The Symbiote is an alien life-form that came crashing down to Earth in search of female hosts to ooze over them and bring forth from its newfound owner a devilish and mischievous side she never knew existed. Once the Symbiote takes over, she owns the night.
All of these polishes are gorgeous and I can't wait to see what other colors Amanda has coming up! I will be buying a few more this weekend, since the colors and formula of these polish is perfect. 

Chirality Polish can be found through bigcartel here. Currently, there is 9 colors in stock and hopefully there will be more in the near future. Use the code 350LIKES to get full size bottles for only $5!! Sale ends October 28th. Find Chirality Polish on Facebook here

Friday, October 26, 2012

Orly Steel Your Heart

I included Orly Steel Your Heart in my swatch post about Lynnderella Children Of The Candy Corn (post here) and I Love Nail Polish Party of Four (post here), I thought it needed a post of it's own as well. This is another polish that is my husband's favorite. Anytime I ask him to help me pick "underwear" for a polish, this is always his choice! :P

 Orly Steel Your Heart is a metallic steel grey.
 All fingers are 2 coats of Steel Your Heart with a base coat of Seche Clear and no top coat.
Although this polish does show brush strokes, I think they help add to giving it a steel look. It's a really nice dark gray, the only one I have this dark in my collection, and makes great "underwear" for other polishes or looks great on it's own. 

Orly Steel Your Heart comes from Orly's Cool Romance Collection released in the Spring of 2012. You can find it in stores and online at Ulta, as well as other online retailers like or Amazon. Find Orly on Facebook here.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

I Love Nail Polish Party of Four Review & Swatches

Today, I have the last I Love Nail Polishes I was sent to review to share! I really love glitter polishes with clear bases because it's fun to try them out on a variety of different colors. I love seeing what other come up with, usually it's something I would have never of thought of :P Without further ado, here is I Love Nail Polish Party of Four.

I Love Nail Polish Party of Four is a mix of blue, purple, black, and silver glitter in a clear base. 
All fingers are 2 coats of Party of Four over 2 coats Orly Steel Your Heart (post here). All have a base coat of Seche Clear and no top coat.
The formula of Party of Four was a little thinner than the other 3 polishes I have reviewed by I Love Nail Polish. I didn't need to dab any glitter on and just brushed it on as normal. Dry time was average and it dried with a great smooth feeling as the all of the other I Love Nail Polish polishes I reviewed have. 
This is another fun glitter polish that I'm sure would look great over a variety of colors! I think the color combination works well together and I love how the blue glitter stands out against all the other glitters.

Orly Steel Your Heart was released in Spring 2012 apart of Orly's Cool Romance Collection. You can find it online at Ulta, as well as other online retailers like or Amazon. Find Orly on Facebook here.

Find I Love Nail Polish on etsy here and on Facebook here.

I Love Nail Polish Party of Four was sent for review, all opinions are my own.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I Love Nail Polish Animal Cookie Review & Swatches

I have another fun I Love Nail Polish review for everyone today! :) I have forgotten to mention in my previous posts to make sure to check out their Facebook page (here). On their Facebook page they highlight a ton of other polish brands and great nail art designs. So be sure it check it out! :)

I Love Nail Polish Animal Cookie has a clear base with an array of pink glitters and shapes all with different sizes and hues along with a dash of white hex and sticks. 
All fingers are 2 coats of Animal Cookie over 2 coats of Rescue Beauty Lounge Aqua Lily (post here). I used no base or top coat.
Animal Cookie shared the same formula as Pumpkinhead and Goldie Boo... Boo!; it was a little thick, had an average dry time and I found it easier to dab on the glitters than brush it on. I still had no problem getting out the glitters and adore that it had a smooth finish without needing a top coat.
This color does remind me of those yummy yogurt covered animal crackers! I think Animal Cookie looks great with Aqua Lily as a base, the pink shimmer in Aqua Lily helps blend the two polishes colors together well. I also think, this manicure would be a great way to show support for Pregnancy Loss & Infant Awareness if you lack nail art skills like myself! :P

Rescue Beauty Lounge Aqua Lily is discontinued, though it is coming back this holiday season (hopefully November). You can find other Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes here and their Facebook page here.

Find I Love Nail Polish Animal Cookie and a other great "glitter bomb" polishes their on etsy hereAlso find I Love Nail Polish on Facebook here.

I Love Nail Polish Animal Cookie was sent for review, all opinions are my own.

I Love Nail Polish Pumpkinhead Review & Swatches

I thought I would have my posts up earlier sooner rather than later, doesn't seem to be the case though! My husband's work schedule is a little insane over the next two weeks and it's rubbing off on everyone in the house. :P Except the cats, they could care less as long as their food bowls are filled they are happy! For tonight, or this morning rather, I have I Love Nail Polish Pumpkinhead. :)

I Love Nail Polish Pumpkinhead has a clear base with orange glitter in various sizes and green and black square glitter.
All fingers are 2 coats of Pumpkinhead over 2 coats of OPI Who The Shrek Are You? (post here). I used a base coat of OPI Nail Envy and no top coat.

Similar to my last post on I Love Nail Polish Goldie Boo... Boo!, the formula of Pumpkinhead was a little thick though workable. I didn't have to "fish out" any glitter, although I did find the polish need to be "dabbed" on rather than painted on for better coverage. I believe because the polish had a thicker base it resulted in the dry time being average. Also, I think that because the base is thicker it helped achieve my nails feeling smooth without a top coat, which is great! I don't necessarily think any of what I have mentioned above is a bad thing. Most glitter polishes carry comparable traits. :) 
This polish is another great orange glitter! I wasn't really a fan of orange until Halloween came around. Now that everyone is doing their own take on them, I am falling more in love with orange! :P

OPI Who The Shrek Are You? is from the Shrek Forever After collection realeased in 2010. Even though it is discontinued I have seen it on online retailers like Amazon and most likely find it on Ebay. You can like OPI on Facebook here.

Find I Love Nail Polish on etsy here and on Facebook here.

I Love Nail Polish Pumpkinhead was sent for review, all opinions are my own.

Don't forget to check out my giveaway if you haven't already! Only 6 days left! :) I posted on Facebook but realize not everyone may have seen it, make sure to head back over to the giveaway post(here)and earn 2 more entries for "liking" the new Lynnderella Facebook fan page (here)!
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