Saturday, October 13, 2012

Lynnderella VamPink

The weather here was again less than wonderful. It has been cloudy and windy most of the day and then tonight stormed really bad. So alas, I could not get outside pictures of another polish that needed the sunlight to show it off! Regardless, here are some pictures of Lynnderella's VamPink. :)

Lynnderella VamPink is described as a burgundy, magenta and holographic mix and has an overall holographic berry appearance.
With the exception of my middle finger, all fingers are are 2 coats of VamPink with no base coat and a top coat of Seche Vite. My middle finger is 2 coat of Lynnderella Garden Of Even with same top coat applied as the others.
For some reason, when I bought this I thought that it maybe similar to Garden Of Even. I should have figured with this being a Lynnderella creation I would be wrong! VamPink is definitely a darker, "vampier" cousin of Garden of Even. It is still gorgeous none the less though! 
Since I couldn't get any outside shots due to the weather, I thought I would share a bottle shot. ;)

Find Lynnderella polishes for sale on her eBay store here.

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