Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lynnderella Earth Sign, Pink Moon & Summer of Love 2013

Hi again everyone! I'm slowly catching back up to all the posts I had planned and just didn't get a chance to get to last week. I'm always eager to post Lynnderella polishes, so I had to make sure I caught up with these. ;)

Earth Sign is described as a combination of burgundy brown, teal and neon red matte glitters accented with chartreuse metallic—all in a shifty teal-to-burgundy base. I layered 1 coat of Earth Sign over 2 coats of Pure Ice French Kiss and top coat of Seche Vite.
Holy cow this is an amazing polish! It took me a few tries to find figure out this combination, but I am in love with it! This is something I will for sure be wearing again on a non-swatching day so I can stare at my nails for a few days in a row. ;)
Pink Moon is assorted moons and stars accented with rainbow dust in a translucent pink-shimmered lavender-pink base. Except for my middle nail, all nails are 2 coats of Revlon Victorian with 2 coats of Pink Moon. My middle nails uses Victorian as a base color but has 3 coats of Pink Moon on top.
My camera was so good in captures Earth Sign, I guess I expected too much from it trying to capture Pink Moon too. :/ You can see in my close up shot all the beautiful shimmer and how the iridescent shards really pop though. Just remember: Pink moon gonna get you all. ;)
Summer of Love 2013 contains a mixture of neons, holographics and brights in a purple-tinted transparent base with blue shimmer. My first set of photos I started with 2 coats over Pure Ice Belle of the Ball and added 2 coats of Summer of Love 2013.
I couldn't make up my mind which base colors I liked more, so I included them both. ;) The purple neon glitters got somewhat lost over Pure Ice Belle of the Ball, though the shimmer really popped!
For this manicure I layered 2 coats of Summer of Love 2013 over 2 coats of NYC Water Street Blue and 2 coats of Pure Ice Starry Night on my pinky nail. 
Unfortunately the listing for this polish states "Patchouli oil not included". :P If nothing else you have an amazing polish with a nifty label to make up for that. ;)

Purchase Lynnderella polishes through or if you are within Europe through Norway NailsBe sure to follow all the Lynnderella fan pages on FacebookTwitterInstagram, Pinterest and Tumblr!

Rainbow Honey Fancy Set

So this post is super late/early >_< I picked this set up a few weeks ago when had a $20 off code. I was able to get this set for $4.95 shipped and it's worth way more than that!

Fancy Black is described as a metallic silver shimmer floating in a deep, black creme. All nails are 2 coats with no top coat.
This polish was almost a one coat, which always says a lot for me. ;) Fancy Black is a nice take on a basic black with just a little bit of kick. Formula was perfect and, as you can see, all the shimmer applied nice and evenly.
Fancy Red is a bright red jelly. Except for my middle nail, I used 2 coats with no top coat. On my middle nail I layered 1 coat of Fancy Red over 2 coats of Fancy Black.
My pictures didn't capture how pretty layer Fancy Red over Fancy Black turned out. :( Nevertheless, Fancy Red alone is a really nice bright red jelly. At 2 coats it didn't show a lot of visible nail line, if that bothers you. I can't get enough of jellies lately and don't have any this red and bright, so it works perfectly into my collection. :)
This set also came with a Sakura Matsuri Cuticle Balm. It has a nice flower scent that isn't too overpowering. It also is very easy to use and I found it glides on nicely without breaking apart.

This set is available exclusively on for $20 (with $4.95 shipping). You can find other Rainbow Honey polish colors through their online store. Make sure to follow Rainbow Honey on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Elevation Polish Sample LSA #29

 I actually had something totally different planned for today, but Picasa is not being my friend. -_- So I just went with something I already had and have been meaning to post. Hopefully I can get Picasa to be my friend again and not chuck my computer against a wall! :P

Sample LSA #29 is a deep burgundy with copper shimmer. I used 2 coats and no top coat.
Even for someone that does thin coats, this polish was a one coater! I only did 2 coats out of habit. ;) Normally I'm not a fan of vampy colors, but something just drew me into this polish and I had to grab it when I had the chance. The shimmer isn't very strong, though it does come out to play when the light hits it. :)

This polish is a sample and samples cannot be remade, you just have to have lighting fast fingers to be able to purchase one! ;) You can find other polishes from  Elevation Polish through Lulu's BigCartel storefront. Be sure to check out Lulu's blog and Flickr, to stay up to date about new colors coming out. 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Pure Ice Freedom

I think this a very post of me doing a "themed" manicure on the holiday! ;) I've had this polish sitting in my collection for sometime now and when I couldn't figure out what else to wear, I remembered it! Except for the added stars, this polish is exactly the same as Pure Ice Twist and Shout. So if you missed picking up Twist and Shout when it was released late last year you still have the chance to get the same polish with added stars!

Pure Ice Freedom contains micro red glitter, medium sized blue, red hex glitter and silver stars all in a clear base. I used 3 coats a top coat of Seche Vite and Gelous.
You can definently layer this polish, but I wanted to just bling it out.  ;) Formula was a bit thick and I needed to dab glitter in empty spots. I was able to get the stars out pretty easy though. One thing that is worth mentioning if you don't layer this over another color make sure you are ready to do a few coats of top coat! I used Gelous and Seche Vite and still couldn't make it smooth. This didn't bother me too much though as I never wear polish longer than a day anyway. :P

Pure Ice polishes are available at Walmart in store and online through Bari Cosmetics. Find Pure Ice on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Starry Earth ! and Faerie Fate Review & Swatches

Hey everyone! I know I've been gone for a little bit  and I truly apologize for my absence. I had some personal problems come up and blogging wasn't the first thing on my mind. I feel really bad that I wasn't able to get this posted on Monday. :( But I'm here now and ready to show everyone some awesome polishes! :) 

! is described as a purple shimmer jelly base with matte purple, tiny blue bars and micro purple glitter. I used 2 coats with no top coat. 
I was a little afraid when I saw this polish that the glitters wouldn't work well with the base, but I'm happy to report they do work great together! The blue glitters really pop nicely and from starring at my nails for quiet some time even though some of the bar glitters appear curling they aren't. Formula was great; I didn't need to fish for any glitters, it had an average dry time and dried pretty smooth with out a top coat. I love the reason Elizabeth, the creator of Starry Earth, named this polish "!", because she loves using exclamation points. To which I concur! ;)
Faerie Fate is a light pink/lavender with holo shimmer. My index and ring nail are 3 coats over bare nail and my middle and pinky nail are 1 coat over 2 coats of Wet n Wild Ebony Hates Chris. All nails have no top coat.
Faerie Fate is magical by it's self, but even more amazing over black! Without a top coat it has a semi-matte finish, though you really can't tell because of all the sparkliness. :P Formula was perfection and I think you could even get away with 2 thicker coats over bare nail if you wanted to. If I was more talented in nail art, Faerie Fate would make the perfect base color to some awesome galaxy nails. ;)

Find these and other polishes from Starry Earth through Etsy. Follow Starry Earth on Facebook to stay up to date with new color information. 

Initial Lacquer Giveaway Winner!

I know I haven't been around much and I apologize. I do have a post planned for today though. :) As always, everyone who entered is super duper awesome and I wish I had ton of polish to give everyone. ;) But without further ado, congratulations to: 

Morgan M.

I have emailed the winner and they will have 48 hours to respond to me or a new winner will be selected in their place. 

Many thanks to everyone who entered! 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Initial Lacquer Giveaway!

This giveaway is now over! Thank you everyone who entered! 

As promised here is your chance to win some of the new Initial Lacquer polishes!

Winner will receive 3 new colors from Initial Lacquer- A Day at the Lake, Montana at Midnight and Wisterious

Everything will be done via Rafflecopter. There will be 1 winner and this IS open internationally! This giveaway will end May 24th at 12:00 AM EST. The winner will be announced here and on Facebook. The winner will have 48 hours to respond to me or a new winner will be chosen in their place. I am not responsible lost/damaged deliveries. These polishes are new and unused, not the same bottles I reviewed in my previous post. ;)

If you cannot enter using Rafflecopter please leave me a comment/email with your information and I can enter it manually for you. You can also try using this link to enter if Rafflecopter is not appearing. 

Good luck!!

Initial Lacquer A Day at the Lake, Montana at Midnight and Wisterious Reviews & Swatches

Afternoon everyone! Hopefully the weather near you is better than the weather near me! :P It's been yucky and rainy here which has caused my allergies to act up, so I'm moving a bit slower than usual. I have 3 new colors from Initial lacquer (and a surprise to follow this post) to share with you today. Something super fun about these polishes is I helped Iris, the creator of Initial Lacquer, name them . :)
Press Sample

A Day at the Lake contains light green, yellow, pink and glitters in various shapes and sizes in a gray/blue jelly base. I used 3 coats with a top coat of Seche Vite.
Out of the bunch this has the most unique glitter and base color combination and I mean that in a good way! The base is something like I haven't seen before and the glitters Iris used aren't something I would have thought to put together. In the end they all just work together! Formula was a bit thick, though workable, and I had no problem getting out glitter or with dry time.

Montana at Midnight is a deep blue with a blue shimmer. All nails are 2 coat with no top coat.
Eep this color is stunning! There are 2 awesome points I need to make about. ;) 1) It's not too much of a dark blue that it looks black in low light. You can tell it's a darker blue in lower lighting and it really lights up in the sunlight! 2) I was brave and wore this without a base coat for a few hours to see if it would stain and it doesn't! Now I can't say if you wear it for a week it won't, but usually in a few hours I will have staining on blue polishes similar to this. Formula was just as great as the color it's self- perfect!
Wisterious is a light periwinkle with silver shimmer.
Another stunning creme with added shimmer. While I didn't get a chance to try it out (sorry allergies are being jerks :( ), I think this would be a perfect base color to Initial Lacquer Ice Cube. It's a beautiful pastel and something else Initial Lacquer has whipped up that is perfect spring. Formula and application was a breeze.

I'm not sure when these colors are set to be released, but if you hang around for a few minutes I have a giveaway following this post! Initial Lacquer can be purchased through Etsy. Make sure to follow Initial Lacquer on Facebook and Tumblr to stay updated on new colors coming out and restock information.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Silly Bee's Chickadees Diamond Deb and Velvet Violet Reviews & Swatches

Hi everyone! I have 2 new shades from Silly Bee's Chickadees to share with you today! These 2 polishes were inspired by Melissa's, the creator of Silly Bee's Chickadees, sorority Alpha Delta Pi. As I'm told today is Founders' Day for Alpha Delta Pi, so happy Founders' Day to any ladies apart of Alpha Delta Pi!

Diamond Deb has a clear base with pale blue, white and silver hex and diamond glitter. Here I layered 1 coat of Diamond Deb over 2 coats of Velvet Violet with a top coat of Seche Vite.
You will definitely shine like a diamond with this polish on! All of the glitters go perfectly together and the diamonds add a nice extra kick to the over all look. Formula was problem free and as you can see you get plenty of glitter in just one coat!
Velvet Violet is a deep purple "crelly" with a suede finish. All nails are 2 coats with no top coat. 
Normally I can't comment on how a polish holds up because I never wear it long enough to know, but I can for this one! The 2 above photos are the actual state of this polish after 2 days! I've been doing some spring cleaning and haven't had much time to swatch, but as soon as I got this polish in the mail I put it on and have been too busy to take it off. For this polish to last through all I've done in the last few days and not have a top coat and to have a matte finish say a lot! I love the color, it is purple so I think that's a given, and formula (and wear time) were perfection. :)
Velvet Violet also has a shimmer that comes to life when you add a top coat! ;) 

The First and Finest Collection will be released through Silly Bee's Chickadees Etsy store today at 7 PM CST. 25% of the proceeds from First and Finest will go to the Houston Alpha Delta Pi Alumne Altruistic Association which not only supports the Ronald McDonald House, but several other Houston area charities. 
Also, if you order within the month of May and receive a party favor bag containing a surprise discount code!
Make sure to follow Silly Bee's Chickadees on Facebook, Instagram and check out her blog!
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