Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lynnderella Earth Sign, Pink Moon & Summer of Love 2013

Hi again everyone! I'm slowly catching back up to all the posts I had planned and just didn't get a chance to get to last week. I'm always eager to post Lynnderella polishes, so I had to make sure I caught up with these. ;)

Earth Sign is described as a combination of burgundy brown, teal and neon red matte glitters accented with chartreuse metallic—all in a shifty teal-to-burgundy base. I layered 1 coat of Earth Sign over 2 coats of Pure Ice French Kiss and top coat of Seche Vite.
Holy cow this is an amazing polish! It took me a few tries to find figure out this combination, but I am in love with it! This is something I will for sure be wearing again on a non-swatching day so I can stare at my nails for a few days in a row. ;)
Pink Moon is assorted moons and stars accented with rainbow dust in a translucent pink-shimmered lavender-pink base. Except for my middle nail, all nails are 2 coats of Revlon Victorian with 2 coats of Pink Moon. My middle nails uses Victorian as a base color but has 3 coats of Pink Moon on top.
My camera was so good in captures Earth Sign, I guess I expected too much from it trying to capture Pink Moon too. :/ You can see in my close up shot all the beautiful shimmer and how the iridescent shards really pop though. Just remember: Pink moon gonna get you all. ;)
Summer of Love 2013 contains a mixture of neons, holographics and brights in a purple-tinted transparent base with blue shimmer. My first set of photos I started with 2 coats over Pure Ice Belle of the Ball and added 2 coats of Summer of Love 2013.
I couldn't make up my mind which base colors I liked more, so I included them both. ;) The purple neon glitters got somewhat lost over Pure Ice Belle of the Ball, though the shimmer really popped!
For this manicure I layered 2 coats of Summer of Love 2013 over 2 coats of NYC Water Street Blue and 2 coats of Pure Ice Starry Night on my pinky nail. 
Unfortunately the listing for this polish states "Patchouli oil not included". :P If nothing else you have an amazing polish with a nifty label to make up for that. ;)

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