Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat Swatches

This post has now been update with all the Fuzzy Coat colors! I should have my Sally Hansen Sugar Coat post updated soon as well.  :)

For all of my manicures I layered one coat of the Fuzzy Coat polish over another base color, which I will list, and used 2 coats of the Fuzzy Coat over bare nail on my ring finger. All manicures have a top coat of Seche Vite.
I do want to mention that Seche Vite was having a diva moment was bubbly for these photos, so please excuse that. :P

All Yarned Up contains light blue, yellow and orange short bar glitters. Monster Polish Wolfsbane Potion as my layering color.

Fuzzy Fantasy has a mixture of lime green and white short bar glitter. My layering color here is Sally Hansen Razzleberry.
Fuzz-Sea is a mixture of yellow and bright blue short glitter. The base color I used here is Sally Hansen Cotton Candies. 
Peach Fuzz is a combination of pastel orange and yellow short bar glitter. I used L'Oreal New Money to layer Peach Fuzz over.
Tight Knit has a bright blue and white short bar glitters. I layered Tight Knit over Elevation Polish Wuyi Mountain.
Tweedy contains a mixture of black and white short bar glitter. Here is Tweedy layered over Sally Hansen Sour Apple.
Wool Knot is a combination of bright blue and white short bar glitters. Sally Hansen Bubble Plum was used as my base color.
Wool Lite has light pink and white short bar glitter. For this manicure I used L'Oreal Royalty Reinvented as my base color.

Formula wise on these were great! I did have to dab some glitter in spots that were a little more empty, but it was easy to do and I needed to do that when I wore them over bare nail. 

These now seem to have popped up in a lot of stores! I've seen them at Walmart, Target (except for A Yarned Up and Tight Knit) and Walgreens. They have also been found at Meijers, but I don't have that store around me. ;) Follow Sally Hansen on FacebookTwitterPinterest and YouTube.
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