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Please Read Below!
Please email me at to order and do not comment.
  • Please assume all polishes have been used for a full manicure. Some may have been used less, but usually not more. If a polish has been used more you should see it noted. Some polishes may look more used because of settling.
  • Shipping within the US is $3 and 50 cents for each additional bottle. I'm currently not shipping out of the US. 
  • Orders will be invoiced through Paypal. If you prefer to gift payment, a $1 discount per bottle will be given (not valid on polishes $5 or less)
  • If you need additional photos of anything or or have questions (I’m open to offers!) please don't hesitate to ask! :)
  • Some polishes may have bleeding or curling glitter 
  • If a polish has an added extra (a ring, extra glitter, etc.) I may or may not still have it, but please remind me in your email.
  • Items will be held for 24 hours after someone emails me about them, if no payment is made in that time the polish will go to the next person interested.
  • Items will be held or sold in order of email time stamps.
  • One FWP (free with purchase) polish per person. You must pay shipping on the FWP item.
I will slowly be adding more polishes to this post. Most of the polishes on this list (all Lynns from this list that I am willing to sell have been listed) will be listed. If you would like to purchase something from the list, please let me know and we can discuss it. Please note: everything from the list will not be sold, but most will. So feel free to ask and make an offer! :)


 Violet was the Wild One $10
Elf Assured $5
Do You See Spots? $10
It Takes All Sorts $10
A Ghost of You $10
The Stars in Her Eyes...(bleeding formula) FWP
Moonstone Magic $5
Uncondition All Love (note use) $8
Lovely Dovey (original formula. note use) $5
Leap of Faith (has some settling, but is full) $25
I Don't Mean Rhinestones $8
Love Potion No. 99.9 $8
Venus in Transit (note use) $5
Angel Food (note use) $5
Her Name is Petal (note use. roughly to the top of the label) FWP
Love, Lace and Lilacs (note use) $5
Amulet It Be (note use, also I forgot to shake it up before pictures, sorry!) $10
Heart Spoken $5
Jammy $15
Cauldron Drippings (note use) $5
All Most Love $15
Kitten Mittens $15
 Glass Houses $5
Mixed Feelings $5
VamPink $8
If Wishes were Turkeys $10
Ghost of Chance $5
One Nutty Fruitcake $5
Yes, I'm a Little Warm $10
New Year's Eve Eve $5
Twelve Lads with Lemmings $5
'Twas the Sixth of December $20
Diamond Star Holo (has definite bleeding) $5
Tres Chic Duckie Dear $5
Sugared Violet (note use) $5
Sweets to the Sweet $5 
Tea Party in the Nursery (note use) $10
Orchid of the Year (note use) $5
Thank Blue! $5
Deep Blue Seeing (roughly half full) FWP
Golden Rules $5
Little Starry Night (note use) $10
Long Strange Trip $10
Love Light (note use) $5
Black Belt Shopper (note use) $10
Pentimento $5
The Present is a Gift $5
Emerald Hope (both new and revised formulas) both for $8
 Candy Landshark (note use. will come with glitter) $15
Heart of Stone $5
Ghouls Just Want to Have Fun! $10
A Whiter Shade of Maybe $5
Once Upon a Prince (note use) $5
Hard Boiled (note use) $8
Banshee! (note use) $8
Forgot You Not $8
Elf Love (note use) $5
Kale is the New Black $10
Earth Sign (note use) $8
Mad Mint (note use) $10
Sugar Bunny (note use) Free with purchase
Ice the Snowcake (note use) $5
Blue Rouge (note use) $5
Early Halloween $5
Once in a Blue Unicorn $15
He Called Her Beauty (note use) $10
Once in a Blue Rune $8
Yes to Know Love $10
Mickey Says Boo! $10
Peridot Power $5

Mlle. Violette de Bleu  $8
She Lived in a Swamp (older version ) $5
Common Sense $5
Magic Fairy Stars $10
Jelly Egg $5
Bed of Nails $5
Bee a Dear $10
Girl-Boy Party $5
Very Pretty Vampire (note fill line) $6
Ruby Passion $5
Stay Goodbye $5
Queen for a Day $10
Graphic Content $10
Karma Carnelian $5
Venus in Jeans $10
Parfair d'Amour $5
LavenDearest $15
Lilacqua $20
Love Triangle $8
The Telltale Heart $5
Robin Sent Me $15
Punkin Pie $5
Hopster Bunny $5
Bunny Nosegay $5
Lambie Whammie $10
A Neautral Party $5
 When We Were Little $10
 Something Blue $10
My Old Twin Flame $10
Bubble Juice $10
Lucky Numbers $5
BeLeaf is Magic $5
Rainbow Baby $30
Crocus Pocus $5
 Frozen Cornflower (Please note this was a prototype and the thermal may be very weak or no longer work) $10
Mr. Darcy $5
Torrid as Her Glance... $10
Finger Food $20
Condo on de Nail $10
Topaz Optimism $5
Are You a Good Witch? $8
 Sugar Magnolia $30
Bunny's New Bonnet $8
Bright and Stormy $10
Beside Herself $5
Aquamarine Calm $8
Season's Glitterings $5
Change $5
To a Sweet, Dotty Fairy (note use) $10
Witch Fairy? (will come with added glitter) $10
Boy-Girl Party $5
AquaMan Candy $5
Candy Wrapper $5
Amethyst Devotion $8
Heart Spring $10
The Middle Mermaid $10
Legendary LBD $10
No Love Lost $10
Mer-Made in New York $30
Lavender Met a Boy.. $10
Kiss My Cupcake $25
Feint of Heart $8
Cookie Exchange $10
Cran was Saucy at Dinner $10
Lapin of Luxury $10
Briolette $10
Love You! (note use)$8
Remember to Forget me or Not? $10
Tied Up in a Rainbow (please see this photo for what it looks like as there are different versions) $20
Poetic License $10
Mint to Be! $25
Love in the Afternoon $10
Fruitcake Juice $10
Spirulina $20
Ghoul for Love $5
Sriracha Scramble $8
GodMother Clause $10
Clubbin $10
Persimmon Brûlée $8
Star Baby $8
Macaron, Ma Chérie? $30
Lavender Davis $8
Berry Much in Love $8
Heart of the Matter $10
Pretty Selfie $10
Magic Mirror $10
Night After Night $15
All Heart $8 
Miss Rose Gold $35
The Octopus Loved a Mermaid #7/8 $40
Big Chicken Little $15
I Can Afford it! $5
Blue Melody $10
Spot On. $8
Mercurial $5
Funny Money $5
Ruby Red Ruby $10
Inner Space $5
Partridge in a Pear Tree $10
NightShade $10
A Party of a Dress $10
Dark Star $15
Bashful Buttercup $10
Half to Love You $8
Leave it to Violet $10
Two Turtle Doves $5
Three French Hens $10
Matter of the Heart $10
Lettuce Be Young at Heart $20
Peace of Mine $10
Diamonds for Lavender $10
Flowers for Destiney $10
Key to Her Heart $5
Cornflower Freeze $20
Purple, Get Ready $20
Patty Whack! #67/72 $15
Yay for YAI! $15
Back o' the Fridge $10
The Luck of the Palish $10
Nail Bed of Roses #72/99 $10
The Coral of the Story $15
Popeye and Olive $8
Donut Hol-O! $8
Le Dernier Cri (has hex liters that the original does not have) $20
Mostly Ghostly (note use) $8
Men in Pink $8
Kabbalah Bracelet $10
In the Cards $10
Six Geese Laughing $10
Pirate Kitty $10
Happy HoloDaze! $5
Seven Swans Swimming (note use) $8
Snow Moon $5
The One Who Got Away $10
Orangelica $20
Wrapped with a Moonbow $25
Diddums $8
Sweet Spot $25
Something New.. $8
Diamond Light $10
Lullabye to a Flower Bed  $15
Princess in Punkatory $8
Oh Minnie! You're So Fine! $10
Eleven Ladies Dancing $10

Wassail with a Mermaid $10
Voilette $10
Pink Fairy Food $10
Date Night $25
Sweet and Deadly $8
Warming Trend $20
Melt-Away Massage $25
Keep it Green! $8
Christmas Club $8
Mickey Connects the Dots. $10
Berry Earthy $8
Connect the Spots $20
Do You See What I See? $8
So Long Longing $10
Mon Petit Chou Chou (note use) $5
Pink Sapphire Stilettos $25
Sassy Kitty $25
Babying Blue $10
Nacho Lacquer $5
Four Calling Birds $10
Mum's the Word $10
Love Letter to Be Red $10
Pink Carat Juice $25
Bunny Robin $10
Fancy Candy $10
Around Midnight $15
Lady of the Luck $10
Nicoise $8
Patty Party $10
Rare Pink Bunicorn $10
Angel Kitty $10
He Loved Her Dottiness $10
The Mindful Heart $10
Mulch Love $10
Fall Fever $10
Mermuse $15
Forgiving is for You $15
Something Borrowed $15
Peach Trifle $25
Christmas Present #5/70 $10
Put a Poodle on it $10
Once in a Blue Macaroon $25
Beaucoup D'Amour $8
Grattitude $10
Bridezilla $15
Carnevale diGlitterati #52/88 $10
Mail-Order Mermaid $25
Mermuse (lacks pink pigment and only has circle glitters) $8
Love the Mother Love $10
Make a Mint! $25
Beue Billet Doux $10
Five Golden Rings $10
Water Sapphire $25
Lavender's in Love $10
You are so Golden! $15
Red Velvet Cake Dress $25
Angel Whisper $10
We Need More Tinsel! $10
Nine Drummers Dreaming $10
Gobble This! $10
She Lived in a Swamp (newer version) $5
LavenDear $5
Corpse Reviver $8
Penguin Party $15
When the Moon was Full and Holo.. $15
All Hallow's Eve $8
Another Penguin Party $15
Leaf Motif $25
Getting to Know Blue $15
Mickey and the Snowmen $15
Side Dish $8
Top o' the Glitter $15
Mickey's Making Merry $8
Something Old... $20
Holo Promises $25
In the Key of Lilac $10
Candy, Baby? $8
Pirate Costume $25
Jack's in Love with the Maenad $25
Bouquet of Blessings $10
Strange Bedfellows $10
Love and Luxury $10
Children of the Candy Corn 3 $10
Candy Blossom $5
 *Please note all of the bottles in the above photo have roughly the same fill line* Light Heart Blue shows it best
 Light Heart Blue $20
yesno stopgo $5
Eggstra Pretty! $5
Witch Cauldron was it? $5
It Becomes You. $5
He Won't Send Roses $5
Mercury's Rainbow $5
Not that Pink Diamond $5
Not that Green Fairy! $5
Elf Awareness $5
Shape Shifter (original formula) $5
Penguin After Party $15
Revlon Royal $2
Revlon I'm Electro $2
Sephora by OPI What a Broad $2
Sephora by OPI Frankly, I Don't Give A-dam $2
*All boxes have some markings on them*
Deborah Lippmann Good Girl Gone Bad $4
Deborah Lippmann Today Was A Fairytale $4
Deborah Lippmann Hit Me With Your Best Shot $4
Julep Katie $2
Juelp Avni $2

*All boxes have some markings on them*
 Deborah Lippmann I Know What Boys Like $4
 Deborah Lippmann Call Me Irresponsible $4
 Deborah Lippmann Break 4 Love $4
 Deborah Lippmann I'm Walking on Sunshine $4
Illamasqua Rampage $5
OCC Psycho $4

Finger Paints Spun Sugar $2
Finger Paints Frosty Night (note use) $2
Finger Paints My Art Belongs to You $2
Finger Paints Copy Cat $2
Finger Paints Don't Make a Scene $2
 Hollywood Decadence $2
Mistful Thinking $2
Purple Palette $2
Ball Gown Glamour $2
Tails of Love $2
Queen for a Night $2
Such a Fake $2
 Sparkle in the Sky $2
Shower with Flowers $2
Surreal Sunset $2
Hammered Terra Cotta $2
 Finger Paints Sea Temptress $2
Pop Radiant Ruby $2
Picture Polish Imperial $5
Orly Stone Cold $2
Orly La Vida Loca $2
Olry Royal Velvet $2
Sephora X Intoxicated (10mL) $2
Sephora X Prism $2
Orly Mermaid Tale $2
Orly Spazmatic (note use) $2
China Glaze Heat Index $2
China Glaze Blue Year's Eve $2
China Glaze Dress Me Up $2
China Glaze Purple Panic (neon) $2
China Glaze Red Satin (mini) FWP
China Glaze Merry Berry (mini) FWP
China Glaze Take a Trek $2
 China Glaze Luxe and Luxury $2
China Glaze Budding Romance $2
China Glaze Fast Track $2
China Glaze Stone Cold $2
China Glaze Wish on a Starfish $2
 China Glaze Water you Waiting For
China Glaze Seahorsin' Around
China Glaze Take a Trek
China Glaze Riveting
China Glaze Dress Me Up
 Sephora by OPI Dark Room $2
 Sephora by OPI It's Totally Karma $2
 Sephora by OPI What Film Noir You In? $2
China Glaze Some Like it Haute $2
China Glaze All Wrapped Up $2
All boxes have some wear and tear and will require extra shipping. All have never been used
Ciate Neon Manicure in Foam Party $5
Ciate Shell Manicure in Mermaid You Look $5
Ciate Colourfoil Manicure in Kaleidoscope Klash $5

 All $15 each
April 2015
All $15 each
March 2015
Presto Magic 
All $15 each
January 2014
SBP: Uvs Nuur (note use) $10
Wuyi Mountain $8
Sample CAK #5 $25
SBP: Mustard Fields $15
SBP: Provence $20
SBP: Risco Plateado $20
SBP: Purple Prince $20
SBP: Green Star $20
Hot Springs Dipping Hole $3
Basking in the Sand $3
Thimble Kisses $3
Clap Loud for Fairies $3
Never Grow Up $3
Kissed by the Sun $3
White Water Rush $3
 Mammoth $3
Coming Unblued $3
Fuchsure Drive Me Insane $3
 Shrinking Violet $3
 All $3 each note use on all
Carmen FWP
 All $3 each note use on all
Jenny FWP
$4 each
 My Life's Porpoise
Full Bloom Ahead
Belle of the Mall
Snow Flaking Way!
Honeydew List
Chick Me Out
 Eclipse $4
Vicious Circles $4
Excuse Me, I Blurped (note fill line)$3
Quick and Flirty $4
Right As Reign $4
Touch of Glass $4
$4 each
 Let's Not Coral
Low And Be Bold
Sky Jinks
Laugh Myself Lily
The Grape Beyond
Life Rose On
$4 each
 Rush Flower Traffic
 Make My Gray
Strung Out
Goldie Rocks
Will Yule Marry Me
All Zoyas are $3 each. 
Some may have staining on the bottom label. I think this is due to my melmer liner. It does not affect the polish at all, but please be aware. :)
Ana (satin)
Loredana (matte) 

Please email me at to order and do not comment. Thanks!
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