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Updated: 5/31/16

Please Read Below!
Please email me at to order and do not comment.
  • Please assume all polishes have been used for a full manicure. Some may have been used less, but usually not more. If a polish has been used more you should see it noted. Some polishes may look more used because of settling.
  • Sales will be invoiced through paypal. Buyer will pay all fees, unless they decide to gift.
  • Shipping within the US is $3.00 and 50 cents for each additional bottle. I'm currently not shipping out of the US.  
  • If you need additional photos of anything or or have questions (I’m open to offers!)please don't hesitate to ask! :)
  • Some polishes may have bleeding or curling glitter 
  • If a polish has an added extra (a ring, extra glitter, etc.) I may or may not still have it, but please remind me in your email.
  • Items will be held for 12 hours after someone messages/emails me about them, if no payment is made in that time the polish will go to the next person interested.
  • Items will be held or sold in order of email time stamps.
  • One FWP (free with purchase) polish per person. Only applies to polishes marked with "FWP" next to them. You must pay shipping on the FWP item.


 Random Glitter/Nail Art Lot $20 shipped or $15 when added to other items
Everything pictured. Some glitters are solvent resistant, but a majority are not. Please take this into consideration when purchasing
Julep Plie Wand $8 shipped or $5 when added to other items
Used a few times, has some scuffs and marks on handle, but nothing that hinders using it. :) 
Lynnderella Polishes $5 each or 2 of $8 
Poetic License
Undonition All Love (note use)
Do You See Spots?
I Can Afford it!
Beside Herself
We Need More Tinsel!
Ghouls Just Want to Have Fun!
Back o' the Fridge
Do You See What I See?
Earth Sign
Funny Money 
 The Adam of Her Eye
One Shade of Grey (use just above tape on label)
yesno stopgo (note use)
Ice the Snowcake (note use)
 Shape Shifter
Keep it Green!
He Loved Her Dottiness
Are You a Good Witch?
Grinchie Goblin
Every Witch Way (note use)
Very Witchy Business (note use)
Popeye and Olive
Fancy Candy
Love, Lace and Lilacs (note use) 
Mrs. Shaperson
Devil in a Black Tie
Christmas Club
Ghost of a Chance
Lucky Numbers
Kale is the New Black 
Diamond Star Holo (bleeding glitter)
Glitter Tamer (note use)
Springtime for Grinchie (bleeding glitter, note use)
Elevation Polish $4 each
Mount Carmel (note use)
Coral Pink Sand Dunes (note use)
SBP: Mustard Fields (note use)
Sunset Among the Palms
I Got the Axe
Huangshan (original formula)
 Sunset Among the Palms
Cult Nails $4 each
In a Trance
Let Me Fly
 You're My Dandy Lion
Be Loco

All Zoyas (except Mitzi) and Juleps are $3 each. 
Some may have staining on the bottom label. I think this is due to my melmer liner. It does not affect the polish at all, but please be aware. :)
Zoya Mitzi $8

Enchanted Polish $12 each 
Flashing Lights 
Dope Jam
Holiday 2014
Butter London Disco Biscuit (note use) FWP
POP Beauty Radiant Ruby FWP
Etude House Minnie Polish $2
Starry Earth Faerie Fate (note use about the same as Pink Nightmare)  FWP
 Darling Diva Pink Nightmare (note use) $2
Above the Curve Blue Raspberry $2
Above the Curve Anona $2
Above the Curve Diva P. $2

Lac Attack Garden Party $3
Lac Attack Puddle Jumping $3
Model City Bobbing for Apples $3
Model City The Great Pumpkin Massacre $3
Model City Witch's Brew $3
HARE Bisbee (note use) $5
Kelara Lacquers Hoodo Man (note use) FWP
MeLissa Lacquer Too Many Shots FWP
Jindie Nails Burberry $3
Rainbow Honey The Worst Possible Thing mini FWP
Pahlish Tashbaan $3
 Pahlish Stars at Rest $3

Painted Sabotage $3 each (note use for all is about the same as Holiday Cheer)
Holiday Cheer
Moon Jelly
Painted Sabotage The Impossible Girl $3
Doctor Lacquer $2 each. Round bottles may have different labels on the bottom than they originally came with. Usage for all rectangle bottles is roughly the same as Polygon Flash and these bottles may have some pigment clumps in them.
Who did Your Mani(cu)re
Purplemint For Your Thoughts (note use)
Mistletoe the Line 
Silent as the Night (note use)
Poinsettia No Return
(Ba)ck in Style
Malicious Pleasure
Polygon Flash
Pythagorean Fiesta
Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer $3 each
Toasty Warm
Electric Icicle 
Snowfall at Dusk
Tacky Winter Sweater
Nail station Yellow Peel FWP
Super chic Lacquer Basking in the Sand $3
Super chic Lacquer Second Star on the Right $3
Smitten Polish Pink Goes Good with Green $4
Smitten Polish Traveling by Bubble $4
Smitten Polish The One on the Right $4
OPI $4 each
DS Titanium
Push and Shove
Last Friday Night (note use)
DS Sapphire
Don't Talk Bach to Me
My Current Crush
OPI The Man with the Golden Gun $10
Unable to tell fill line, but at max was used 2-3 times.
Orly $3 each
Buried Alive
Miss Conduct
Mermaid Tale
Explosion of Fun
Angel Eyes
La Vida Loca
Fowl Play
Color Blast Violet Blue
Color Blast Kristoff He Goes
Essie $2 each
Where's My Chauffeur?
Midnight Cami
Dive Bar  
 Sally Hansen Color Foil (hard to tell usage, but I never remember using any of them. At max used 1X) $2 each
Titanium Flush
Purple Alloy
Cobalt Chrome
Sally Hansen Patent Gloss $2 each
 Sally Hansen Sugar Coat/Shimmer/Color Frenzy $2 each Some have staining on the front label
Sugar Cloud
Sugar Plum
Laughie Taffy
Royal Icing
Sea Salt
Taffy Tart
Pink Sprinkle
Berried Under
 Sally Hansen Satin Glam $2 each
Taffeta (note use) FWP
Teal Tulle
Sun Sheen
 L'Oreal Miss Candy Polishes $2 each or all 4 for $6 
Bananarama Love
Mango Mamma
Miss Pixie
Jolly Lolly
L'Oreal Masked Affair $10
L'Oreal Totally d'Accord $2
L'Oreal Jet Set to Paris FWP
China Glaze $3 each
Luxe and Lush
Glitter Goblin
Def Defying
All Wrapped Up
Infa Red
 Take a Trek
Rest in Pieces
Getting to Gnaw You
I Love Your Guts
Make a Spectacle
Blue Year's Eve
 Snow Globe
Dress Me Up
Hanging in the Balance
But of Corpse
Sand Dolla Make You Holla
It's a Trap-Eze!
Water You Waiting For 
Heat Index
Budding Romance
Some Like it Haute
Running in Circles
Please note on all Kaleidoscope Collection and DV8 there is a lot of wear and tear on the bottle and note usage on all. Also the Kaleidoscope Collection has a thinner consistency than most polishes. This is how they were released and no thinner has ever been added to them. $3 each
DV8 (note use is just above "China Glaze")
Let's Do it in 3D
Don't Be a Square
Kaleidoscope Him Out
He's Going in Circles
Spin Me Round
Octo Gone Wild
China Glaze Can I Get an Untz Untz $3
Jessica Prima Donna $2
PA AA01 $2
Urban Decay Vice (no box) $3
Skin Food Polishes $2 each
Unsure of names, so please use numbers when requesting them. Also note use on all
 Sephora Polishes $2 each
It's Totally Karma
Dark Room
What a Broad
Frankly, I Don't Give A-dam
All Tangerine Tango polishes have staining on bottom label from melter liner $2 each or all for $6
Tangerine Tango Matte 
Tangerine Tango Shimmer 
Tangerine Tango Glitter
Tangerine Tango Creme

At Your Own Rish $2
Drama Velvet Peal FWP
Burst of Mango Cream FWP
Intoxicated $2
 JulieG Frosted Gumdrops $2 each or $8 for the set of 5
Hot Cinnamon
Sugar Rush
Tangerine Dream
Blueberry Fizz
Crushed Candy
Rock Candy
 JulieG Frosted Gumdrops $2 each or $10 for the set of 6
Sugar Plum Fairy
Ho Ho Ho
Silver Bells
Sleigh Ride
Gift of Gold
Finger Paints Polish $2 each Some may have wear on bottle lettering
Ball Gown Glamour
Such a Fake
Purple Palette 
Rockin' Renaissance
Sparkle in the Sky
Frosty Night   
 Violaceous Vase
Tails of Love
Spun Sugar
Sailors Lure
My Art Belongs to You
Don't Make a Scene
Hammered Terracotta
Sea Temptress
 Hollywood Decadence
You Yacht to Know Better
Mistful Thinking
Peacock Portrait
Showers with Flowers
Underwater Enchantress
Hoof Glow $5 each (only a few ever made)
Welcome to the Jungle
Savannah Sunset
Rain City Lacquer $2 each
Creme polishes may have some pigment settling
Vase Value
Rainbow Reef
Fish Scales
Extra Sprinkles
Sundae Sunday
Enchanted Waters
Mermaid's Melody
Lacqueredhead Polish $2 each Please note use on each
She's a Star
My Secret Crush
You Need More Wine
Solider Boy
Crayon Shavings
Slumber Party 
Mi Amor
Bling it On!
I Heart You!
Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun
Tookie Tookie
 Memory Lane (note some discoloration on label) FWP
Wicked Attraction
Dots Imposible 
Flamingo Farts
Talk Nerdy to Me
What Happened Last Night?
 Hugs and Kisses
My Little Rosebud
Confetti Cake
Witches Be Crazy
If You've Got it Haunt it!
Liberty Belle
In The Moonlight
As Girly as it Gets
Pleasure Town

Please email me at to order and do not comment. Thanks!
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