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Updated 4/10/2016
Please Read Below!
Please email me at or contact me through FB to order and do not comment.
  • Please assume all polishes have been used for a full manicure. Some may have been used less, but usually not more. If a polish has been used more you should see it noted. Some polishes may look more used because of settling.
  • Sales will be invoiced through paypal. Buyer will pay all fees, unless they decide to gift.
  • Shipping within the US is $3.00 and 50 cents for each additional bottle. I'm currently not shipping out of the US.  
  • If you need additional photos of anything or or have questions (I’m open to offers!)please don't hesitate to ask! :)
  • Some polishes may have bleeding or curling glitter 
  • If a polish has an added extra (a ring, extra glitter, etc.) I may or may not still have it, but please remind me in your email.
  • Items will be held for 12 hours after someone messages/emails me about them, if no payment is made in that time the polish will go to the next person interested.
  • Items will be held or sold in order of email time stamps.
  • One FWP (free with purchase) polish per person. Only applies to polishes marked with "FWP" next to them. You must pay shipping on the FWP item.


Mount Carmel (note use) $5
Coral Pink Sand Dunes (note use) $5
Epidote $5
Malaspina Glacier (original release) $10
SBP: Mustard Fields (note use) $5
Yet was a Shadow 2 $5
Sunset Among the Palms $5
I Got the Axe $5
Sample GGM #24 $10
Huangshan (original formula) $8
Daisen $5

Pretty Serious Emma Louise $10
Nailstation Yellow Peel FWP
Cult Nails Blackout $4
Cult Nails Ay Poppy! $4
Cult Nails You're My Dandy Lion $4
Cult Nails Be Loco $4
All Zoyas and Juleps are $3 each. 
Some may have staining on the bottom label. I think this is due to my melmer liner. It does not affect the polish at all, but please be aware. :)
KBShimmer $3 each. Some may have pigment settling
Teal Another Tail
Big Tan on Campus
Shade Shifter
In Bare Form 
Enchanted Polish $15 each 
Holiday 2014
Flashing Lights
Octopus's Garden
Disco H2O
Magical Mystery Tour (missing box)
Dope Jam
Monsters Ink

 Above the Curve $3 each
Friday the 13th
 Klara Lacquers One Man Wolf Pack $3
 Klara Lacquers Hoodoo Man $3 
Too Fancy Lacquer Bejeweled $5
Lac Attack Puddle Jumping $3
Lac Attack Garden Party $3
Lacquistry Amazeballs $4 
 Smitten Polish $4 each (except where noted)
Traveling By Bubble
Pink Goes Good with Green!
Electric Lime
The One on the Right
Zelda's Fall-ly #8 $8
Patina (never released to my knowledge) More images here $20
Takko Lacquer We're All Mad Here $10
HARE Bisbee (note use) $8
Different Dimension Cupid is Stupid $8
 Painted Sabotage $3 each (note use for all is about the same as Holiday Cheer)
Holiday Cheer
Gargle Blaster
Moon Jelly 
Ice Flowers (has some smearing on bottom label)
Angel Wings
Painted Sabotage The Impossible Girl $3
Me Lissa Lacquer Too Many Shots $2
Model City Bobbing for Apples $3
Darling Diva Pink Nightmare (note use) $3
Starry Earth Faerie Fate (note use about the same as Pink Nightmare) $2
Rainbow Honey The Element of Magic mini FWP
Rainbow Honey The Worst Possible Thing mini FWP
Model City The Great Pumpkin Massacre $3
Model City Witch's Brew $3
I Love Nail Polish Goldie Boo Boo $3
Elixir Lacquers Bad Kitty #39 $3
Jindie Nails Burberry $3
Pahlish Tashbaan $3
Palish Charn $3
Pahlish Stars at Rest $3
Doctor Lacquer $2 each. Round bottles may have different labels on the bottom than they originally came with. Usage for all rectangle bottles is roughly the same as Polygon Flash and these bottles may have some pigment clumps in them.
Silent as the Night (note use)
Close To Your Chestnuts
Who did Your Mani(cu)re
Mistletoe the Line 
(Ba)ck in Style
Fashion (Mg)azine
Poinsettia No Return
Purplemint For Your Thoughts (note use)
Natural Flirt
Royal Luxury
Polygon Flash
Optimist Youth
Malicious Pleasure
True Compassion
Pythagorean Fiesta
Mysterious Love 
Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer $3 each
Electric Icicle (note use)
Snowfall at Dusk
Purple Phlox
Skating in the Snow
Tacky Winter Sweater
Untrodden Snow

 Superchic Lacquer $3 each
Basking in the Sand
Sunday Driver 
Hot Springs Dipping Hole
Kissed by the Sun
Never Grow Up
Bulletproof Betty
Second Star on the Right
Chasing Shadows
White Water Rush
My Current Crush $3
Last Friday Night (note use) $3
DS Diamond $5
Teenage Dream (note use) $3
4 in the Morning $3
Don't Talk Bach to Me $3
Revlon $2 each
I'm Electro
Orly $3 each
Violet Blue
Kristof He Goes 
Mermaid Tale
Royal Velvet
Stone Cold
Buried Alive
La Vida Loca
China Glaze $3 each
Running in Circles
Some Like it Haute
Take a Trek
Heat Index
Sand Dolla Make You Holla
Glitter Goblin
Dress Me Up
Budding Romance
Purple Panic(neon)
Liquid Crystal
Snow Globe
Bizarre Blurple 
Infa Red
Blue Year's Eve
It's a Trap-eze!
Hanging in the Balance
Water You Waiting For
But of Corpse
All Wrapped Up
Stone Cold
Luxe and Lush
 Don't Let the Dead Bite
Make a Spectacle
I Love Your Guts
Def Defying
DV8 (note use)

Finger Paints Polish $2 each Some may have wear on bottle lettering
Daubigny's Garden
Shower with Flowers
Sparkle in the Sky
Hollywood Decadence
Peacock Portrait
Sailor's Lure
My Art Belongs to You
Violaceous Vase
Frosty Night
Hammered Terracotta
Ballgown Glamour
Wistful Thinking
Underwater Enchantress
Tails of Love 
Chromatic Creation
Purple Palette 
Such a Fake
Spun Sugar
Sea Temptress
Queen for a Night
Surreal Sunset
Don't Make a Scene
Sephora Polishes $2 each
What a Broad
What Film Noir You In?
Frankly, I Don't Give A-dam
It's Totally Karma
Dark Room
At Your Own Risk
All Tangerine Tango polishes have staining on bottom label from melmer liner
Tangerine Tango Matte 
Tangerine Tango Creme
Tangerine Tango Glitter
Tangerine Tango Shimmer
Hoof Glow $8 each (only a few ever made)
Welcome to the Jungle
Savannah Sunset
Rain City Lacquer $2 each
Creme polishes may have some pigment settling
Sundae Sunday
Enchanted Waters
Vase Value
Rainbow Reef
Fish Scales
Green Grotto
The Bubbly (note use)
Mermaid's Melody
Extra Sprinkles
Lacqueredhead Polish $2 each Please note use on each
Posion Poppies
My Little Rosebud
Talk Nerdy to Me
Full Tealt
Bling it On!
Mixed Signals 
 Space Cadet 2.0 (note wear on label) FWP
Flamingo Farts
Behind Blue Eyes
You Need More Wine
Slumber Party
Pleasure Town
Crayon Shavings
What Happened Last Night?
If You've Got it Haunt It
Let's Go Out for a Bite
Sunsets and Tiny Umbrellas
Countdown to Candy
I Heart You!
Oh Shelia
Liberty Belle
Bless Your Heart
Tookie Tookie
Dots Impossible
Lilac You Mean It
Solider Boy
She's a Star
My Secret Crush
Ghouls Just Want to Have Fun
Holo Daze
In the Moonlight
I'm Your Huckleberry
Memory Lane
Witches Be Crazy
As Girly as it Gets 
Wicked Attraction
They Call Me Thumper
Hugs and Kisses

Please email me at or contact me through FB to order and do not comment. Thanks!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Friday, June 6, 2014

Silly Bee's Chickadees Giveaway Winner!

Congrats to:

Anna Pere.!!

I have emailed the winner and they will have 48 hours to respond to me or new winner will be selected in their place. 

As always, thanks to everyone who entered! 
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