Tuesday, July 31, 2012

OPI Halloween Collection 2012 So So Skullicious Mini Set

I lucky enough to get this set early from the lovely Megan on a polish group on Facebook. Thank you so much Megan!! So once again I got suckered in my the cute packaging and had to have this for that fact. :P
The colors included are Hi, Pumpkin!, A-Rose From the Dead, Mourning Glory and Candlelight. Also included are 10 nail decals and instructions.
Candlelight is a creme/jelly formula that is an egg yolk yellow color. Mourning Glory is a simple black creme, nothing special about this. :( A-Rose From the Dead is a bright pink creme. Hi, Pumpkin is a brighter pumpkin orange, I would have like to see this a darker more true life "pumpkiny" shade.
All fingers, except my middle finger, are 3 coats of each color. My middle finger is only 2 coats of Mourning Glory. All are over a base coat of OPI Nail Envy and under a top coat of Seche Vite.
I'm a little disappointed with the colors. I would have liked to see something glow in the dark and maybe a darker orange for the pumpkin color. The yellow is interesting though, it reminds me a lot of egg yolk and I don't have anything like it.
This was my first time using decals like this, so my application isn't perfect sorry!
These were really easy to apply but, I wish my positioning for them would have been better. I did not apply a top coat after applying these like suggested though.
So even though the colors were a bit of a let down for me, except for the yellow, I am overall happy with this set. I like the decals and will save the others once Halloween nears. 

Edit to add: I have read that most of these colors are dupes for current OPI colors. Hi, Pumpkin!=In My Back Pocket, A-Rose From the Dead=That's Hot Pink, Mourning Glory=Black Onyx and Candlelight=Need Sunglasses. I own none of these colors by OPI so I can't say if this 100% accurate or not.

OPI So So Skullicious Mini Set should be popping up at retailers that carry OPI products soon! It will most likely retail for $12.50, as most mini sets do. You can like OPI on Facebook here. 

Wet n Wild The Gold & The Beautiful + Rainbow Honey A Little Kindness

I meant to get this up much earlier but, I was trying to figure out the problem with my GFC Follow Widget not appearing. Luckily, I think I figured it out! So here is Wet n Wild The Gold & The Beautiful with Rainbow Honey A Little Kindness.
I know my bottle of the The Gold & The Beautiful looks a little disappointing next to the Rainbow Honey. :P But I have yet to use up a mini yet and have gotten about 3 manicures out of this bottle and probably could get 1-2 more!

Wet n Wild The Gold & The Beautiful is a sheer gold glitter.
All fingers are 3 coats of Wet n Wild The Gold & The Beautiful over OPI Nail Envy Matte.
 I don't wear any gold jewelry but I love gold nails, go figure. :P I like the color and formula of The Gold & The Beautiful and even though it does seem to take a lot of coats to get opqaue I don't mind.
Rainbow Honey A Little Kindness is described as a rose, white, gold, and soft green glitters that float in a delicate and sheer yellow base with an iridescent pink shimmer.
All fingers are 2 coats of A Little Kindness under Wet n Wild The Gold & The Beautiful and with a top coat of Hong Kong Girl topcoat.
This looked so much better outside than it inside. Unfortunately, when I went to go outside to take pictures the sun decided to hide after being out all day. :( I don't think the pictures do justice to how "blingy" this was but they look so much better than my light box pictures. 

Rainbow Honey polishes can be purchased through their online store here. You can also like Rainbow Honey on Facebook here.

Wet n Wild The Gold & The Beautiful can be found at most mass retailers and is a part of their Fast Dry Collection. You can like Wet n Wild on Facebook here. I picked up my mini in a set with 7 other Wet n Wild Fast Dry polishes at CVS last year during their Black Friday deals.

Just a reminder, two more days left to enter my giveaway! It will end August 2nd at 12:01 AM EST. If you haven't already, you can enter here!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Rainbow Honey Hoof Wrassle

To continue on from yesterday's post, I decided to top my Sinful Colors Citrine and Sephora + Pantone Tangerine Tango with Rainbow Honey Hoof Wrassle. I figured I already had orange on my nails so it would make a perfect base for this color. ;)

Rainbow Honey Hoof Wrassle is described as a shimmery copper orange base studded with gold, copper, and orange hex and square glitter, and a sprinkling of iridescent and holographic glitters.
All fingers are 2 coats of Hoof Wrassle over Tangerine Tango matte and creme, on my index and ring finger, and Sinful Colors Citrine, on my middle and pinky finger. All have a top coat of Seche Vite.
Alas, Hoof Wrassle just isn't for me. Like I mentioned in my post with Citrine and Tangerine Tango, I'm not a huge orange fan. I think if anything, I prefer orange cremes and glitter bombs. :P I think that Hoof Wrassle just doesn't have enough glitter in it for me to love!

Rainbow Honey polishes can be purchased through their online store here. Make sure to like Rainbow Honey on Facebook here.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sephora + Pantone Universe vs. Sinful Colors Citrine

I picked up the Sephora + Pantone Universe Color of the Year Nail Enamel set the other day after seeing it in person. When I first saw it online, I wasn't that thrilled about it. After seeing it in person I feel in love with it. It could be because of the cute packaging, that I'm always a sucker for, because I don't really wear a lot of oranges. 

I know there was a lot of talk in the nail polish community about the creme color being a dupe for  Sinful Colors Citrine so of course comparing the two was the first that came to my mind after purchasing it.

The Sephora + Pantone Universe set comes with 4 tangerine inspired colors, named Tangerine Tango, in different finishes. 
Starting with my index finger I have Tangerine Tango Matte, Tangerine Tango Glitter, Tangerine Tango Creme and Tangerine Tango Shimmer. All are 3 coats of each polish over Seche Rebuild and no top coat.
I really love the formula of these polishes, they dry quick and are easy to work with. My favorite would have to be the glitter. 
Sinful Colors Citrine is described as a red based orange creme.
My index finger is Tangerine Tango Matte while, my middle finger is Citrine topped with Hard Candy's Matte-ly In Love for comparison. My ring finger is Tangerine Tango Creme and my pinky is Citrine. All are three coats of each polish over Seche Rebuild 
and with no top coat.

I would have to say that Tangerine Tango Creme is a little darker than Citrine. Both are more of a creme/jelly than a true creme. I prefer the Tangerine Tango Creme formula over the Citrine one, for some reason Sinful cremes always take forever to dry on me. 

Sephora + Pantone Universe Color of the Year Nail Enamel set can be purchased from Sephora in stores or online here. It retails for $17. I was able to get mine for $12 thanks to having a $5 gift card from the Wrapp app. 

Sinful Colors Citrine can be found at most Walgreens and is apart of their Wow Pop collection but, may still be found at some Walgreens. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

China Glaze Mahogany Magic + Candeo Colors Oceania

So I thought I would try something different when I set out to swatch Candeo Colors' Oceania. I saw the swatches Candeo Color's had listed on their site over black and purple and thought I would give China Glaze's Mahogany Magic a go. ;)

China Glaze Mahogany Magic is medium brown creme. I think it leads more towards a chocolate colors than uh, anything else haha ;)
All fingers, except my ring finer, are 2 coats of Mahogany Magic over Seche Rebuild and with no top coat. 
This is the only brown polish I own because I've honestly never found one I have loved. I keep it around just in case I ever want to do something like this and try a weird combo out. ;)
Candeo Colors Oceania is described as a clear base with medium white, matte teal and matte lavender hexes and an added dash of small matte aqua hexes.
All fingers, except my finger, are 2 coats of Oceania over Mahogany Magic and a top coat of Seche Vite. My ring finger is 3 coats of Oceania over Seche Rebuild and under Seche Vite.
I don't completely hate this but I don't think it's something I would try again.I do love Oceania simply by itself though. I put China Glaze's Mahogany Magic on my non-swatching hand (aka the non cared for one) and then topped it with Elevation Polish Stay Behind Catch A Wave and it is amazing! I don't have pictures because like I said my right hand isn't as cared for as my left. :P But I will post that combo in the future! 

China Glaze Mahogany Magic is from their Hunger Games collection and maybe still found at Ulta & Sally's. Most people are finding it at Sally's in their clearance section.You can like China Glaze on Facebook here.

Candeo Colors polish can be purchased here, though everything is currently out of stock. You can like Candeo Colors polish on Facebook here to get updates on their next restock.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Purple Holographic Swatches

So I have had a lot of requests for comparison posts and someone mentioned on Facebook they would love to see some purple comparisons. So I decided to combine my two favorite things the color purple and holographic polish. :)
So, here are swatches of Ozotic 513, Layla Ultra Violet, China Glaze Octa Gone Wild and China Glaze LOL.

Ozotic 513 is a plum colored holographic with a mix of both linear and scattered holo. Layla Ultra Violet is a light purple holographic with a very strong linear holo.  China Glaze China Glaze LOL is a dark purple liner holo and Octa Gone Wild is a lighter purple with a scattered holo. 
All fingers have 2 coats of each polish over Nfu-Oh Aqua base and no top coat.
Octa Gone Wild and Ultra Violet are pretty close in color, though Octa Gone Wild is slightly darker and clearly Ultra Violet wins in the holo category. 
I think my favorite out of all 4 is 513 just because the color is so unique. I do love the linear holo in Ultra Violet though!

Ozotic 513, as well as all of Ozotic's 500 collection, is discontinued. You can still purchase it from Overall Beauty here and from Picture Polish here. If you are interested in any of the 500 series by Ozotic I recommend picking them up as soon as you can!

Layla Hologram effects can be purchased from Aveyou Beauty here, Ninja Polish here, Layla's online store here and at Ulta online here or in store. 

China Glaze Octa Gone Wild is from the Kaleidoscope  collection and LOL from the OMG Collection. Both are discontinued and have been for a few years. You can still find them on Ebay and on blog sales if you are willing to pay a little more for them. China Glaze will be releasing a new holographic collection in Spring 2013 called Hologlam. Pictures of the Hologlam collection can be seen on Polish Galore's blog here. You can like China Glaze on Facebook here.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Smitten Polish Mint Chip

So for swatches of my last, but certainly not least, giveaway polish I present Smitten Polish Mint Chip.

Now, I am not going to lie I'm not a huge fan of green polishes and when I couldn't decide on what to order for my giveaway polishes I had my husband choose. I was undecided when he chose this one but I was thrilled when I got it in and swatched it!

Mint Chip has two sizes of brown glitter suspended in a milky green base.
My index and middle finger are 3 coats of Mint Chip, my middle finger is 2 coats and my pinky is 1 coat. All are over Seche Restore and under Seche Vite.
I can't make up my mind on how many coats I like best, because I really, truly like them all! And again I stand behind my thought about this polish and The One On The Right, that they should be scented! :P
I also forgot to add this in my last post about Smitten Polish, it dries super fast! I love when I don't have to wait forever for a polish to dry or rely on Seche Vite to make that happen.

Smitten Polish can be purchased through etsy here. She currently only has one color in stock but hopefully will be restocking next week! You can like Smitten Polish on Facebook here. Also, you can find Noelie's, the creator of Smitten Polish, blog here.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Pahlish Typewriter Keys + Gray Comparison

So I have been reading through the comments on my giveaway about what people would like to see more of on my blog. One of the biggest things seems to be dupes and cheaper brands swatched. Well today will be the day! But not the only day I will do this ;)I will be tweaking a few things around on my blog as suggested, too. :)

Also, I am going to be swatching the other 2 giveaway polishes so this post will included one of those as well.
So for today, I am comparing the 3 gray polishes I have China Glaze Hook and Line, Sinful Colors Slate and Cosmetic Arts Gray. Then layering Pahlish Typewriter Keys over all three.

Sinful Colors Slate is a darker gray with a silver shimmer.China Glaze Hook and Line is a frosty gray/taupe and Cosmetic Arts Gray is light gray creme.
My index finger and middle finger are 3 coats of Sinful Colors Slate. My ring finger is 3 coats of China Glaze Hook and Line and my pinky is 3 coats Cosmetic Arts Gray. All are over Seche Rebuild and with no top coat.
I honestly thought when I picked up Sinful Colors Slate it would be a close match for Cosmetic Arts Gray. But it's no where close!  Slate is much darker and has a shimmer that Gray doesn't. I knew Hook and Line would be far from dupes for the other 2 but wanted to swatch it just for comparison. 
Pahlish Typewriter Keys is a clear base with fine silver shimmer, ultra fine holographic sparkle, black and pearly white shards of glitter.
All fingers are 2 coats of Typewriter Keys over the above mentioned colors with a top coat of Seche Vite.
This polish is awesome! I love that it pretty much spruce up any color not just gray!
And just because I'm a dork and noticed it after staring at my nails, there is a white shard on my index finger that looks like a little heart!;)

China Glaze Hook and Line is from their Hunger Games collection and maybe still found at Ulta & Sally's. Most people are finding it at Sally's in their clearance section.You can like China Glaze on Facebook here.

Cosmetic Arts polish can be found at a variety of places though, I picked up mine at Ross for $1.99.

Sinful Colors Slate can be found at most Walgreens and is apart of their Destination America collection but, it is being found on certain displays at Walgreens out now. Sinful colors are also on sale for $.99 this week at Walgreens!

Pahlish can be purchased through etsy here, although it is currently not completely stocked. You can also like Pahlish on Facebook here. 

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