Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Collection Post

While I do plan on doing a swatch post today, I got bored and wanted to do a collection post too :P 
Since this is pretty picture heavy I'll put it behind a page break just so it doesn't eat up my whole front page. Most of the colors are pretty accurate but I will note the ones that aren't. 

 Also, I know some of the bottles don't look that pretty but I don't mind because I only care what is inside the bottle ;) Some of the China Glazes I have had since high school so they are pretty beat up after 6 years but still work just as good as they did when I first bought them!

First drawer holds all of my tools, remover, glitters, ect. (I blurred out the RH Code I'm not sure if I can share this so I won't)
This is what it looks with the Soft Landings and Papers removed.
The papers are any little cards I get with polishes I receive and the Soft Landings are samples I received from here. Going from left to right heres what is in it.
-The basket in the top left corner holds: Cuticle sticks/pushers, a pen, sharpie, Q Tips, cuticle cutter, cuticle remover, cuticle balm, make up sponges, a rubber band, nail file, clean up brush, stamping plates,stamping plate scraper, stamping plate holder and a stamper.
-Behind the basket are nail stickers and nail art brushes.
-Plastic tray to the right holds various glitters and beads.
-Giveaway polish and extra clean up brush and nail files.
-All my swatches on nail wheels. I have a swatch for every bottle I've owned wether or not I still have it.
-Vitamin E oil.
-Cotton balls and extra nail wheels.
-Whitening paste & brush (this stuff doesn't work for me).
-Small bottle of acetone (I have a larger bottle I keep in the garage but this bottle is easier to store in here).
-Nail polish thinner.

I also have nail polish remover in a pump bottle and tin foil but I keep those out of here because they are too bulky. And because my remover leaked and messed up the bottom of the drawer the other day. :(

Middle drawer holds drugstore brands, indies and top/base coats & treatment.
 Sinful Colors: Snow Me White, Call Me Later, Cinderella, Citrine, Green Ocean, Kissy, Neon Melon, Pink

Nicole By OPI: Kim-pletely In Love
NYC: High Line Green
Rimmel: Marine Blue
Revlon: Whimsical
Gap: Gold Rush
Studio M: Slammin Red & Purple Medallion (this is lighter irl)
Color Club: Sugar Plum Fairy, Beyond The Mistletoe & Wild At Heart
Sally Hansen: Diamond, Pat on The Black, Spark, South Sea Pearl & Fuchsia Bling Bling
L.A. Girl:Sparkling Peach & Groupie
Claire's: Magnetix Blue, Magnetix Red, Magnetix Silver & Candy Shop
 KleanColor: Holo Blue
Art Club: Black &  Glitter Hologram Stipers
Skintimate: Wild Thing (Yes haha like the shaving cream! The did some freebie thing for this and I signed up for it.)
Unknown Brand: Pink/Orange
Cosmetic Arts: Gray
 Wet n Wild: Everybody Love Redmond, Saved By The Blue, The Gold & The Beautiful, Jewels For Your Highness, The Crown Is Mine, Sparked, French White, Blue Moon, Fuchsiarama, Ebony Hates Chris, Bow In My Presence, Speak When Spoken To, Candy-licious & Glitz
Milani: Creme Brûlée, Lemongello, La Vie En Rose, Juicy Glo (I wore this a lot when I was younger ;) ), Teal & Lavender
Tony Moly: MK06, CA05 & MK09
Hard Candy: The End & Fabuluxe
Elevation Polish: Holo Top Coat, Stay Behind Catch A Wave & Pic de Subenuix
 Sonnetarium: Never Glow Up
Hungry Asian: Sneeze Breeze
Girly Bits: Hippity Hop
 Nerd Lacquer: I Aim To Misbehave
Nail Venturous: Floam
Cover Band: Stick n' Stones
Elixir Lacquers: Bad Kitty
Pretty & Polished: Jawbreaker, Sand Art, PHAT Camp & Pool Party

Rainbow Honey: The Worst Possible Thing, Celestia, The Element of Magic, A Little Kindness, Hoof Wrassle & Mare of The Moon
Lynnderella: Snow Angel, The Garden of Even, Sweets to The Sweet, Deep Blue Seeing, I Don't Mean Rhinestones, Gotta Love Brains & The Glittering Crowd 
Hare: Magic Mist & Midsummer's Midnight
Smitten Polish: The One On The Right & Mint Chip
Candeo Colors: Oceania

 INM: Out The Door 
Milani: Smoothe Base Coat & Glosse Top Coat
Seche: Vite & Restore
Hong Kong Girl: Top Coat
Hard Candy Matte-ly In Love
Nfu-Oh: Ultra Shine Top Coat & Aqua Base

L.A. Color: Ultra Nail Hardner
Nutra Nail: Bullet Proof Strengthening 
Sally Hansen: Insta-Dri
Hoof: For Slow Growing, Damaged Nails
Sally Hansen: Hard As Nails
Seche: Rebuild
Bottom drawer holds "higher" end polishes. 
Ozotics: 533, 515, 528 & 513
Julep: Daisy, Lily & Sasha
Zoya: Charla & Maisie
 Essie: Dive Bar & Midnight Cami (I wore this color at my wedding :) )
Barielle: Starchild
Butter London: Disco Biscuit 
Rescue Beauty Lounge: Aqua Lily
Max Factor: Fantasy Fire
Golden Rose: 108
Glitter Gal: Black 3D/Holo
Makeup Store: Greta
MAC: Steamy
Gosh: Holographic
Deborah Lippmann: Across The Universe, Shake Your Groove Thing & Stairway To Heaven
Layla Holographics: Mercury Twilight, Flash Black, Ocean Rush, Mermaid Spell, Ultra Violet & Coral Glam
Finger Paints: It's An Original, Frosty Night & Laugh My Art Off
 Finger Paints: Asylum, Flecked, Twisted, Montley & Movie in The Park
 Orly: Buried Alive, Glitz, Glowstick, It's Not Rocket Science, Mysterious Curse & Steel Your Heart
Orly: Swizzle Stick, Androgynie & Oui
OPI DS: Temptation, Glamour and Sapphire
 OPI: Swimsuit...Nailed It, Zom-Body To Love, Who The Shrek Are You?, The Flowers Are Blue-Ming, Teenage Dream & Mad As A Hatter
OPI: Absolutely Alice, Don't Touch My Tutu, Metallic 4 Life,  Did It On 'Em, Fly, Pink Friday, Number One Nemesis & Into The Night
OPI: Lincoln Park After Dark,My Pointe Exactly, Rainbow Connection, Pirouette My Whistle, My Private Jet (non holo) & Last Friday Night
China Glaze: Let's Do It In 3d, Kaleidoscope Him Out, Spin Me Round, Don't Be Square, Rated Holographic & Sexagon
China Glaze Octa Gone Wild, He's Going In Circles, LOL, OMG, Prism & Liquid Crystal
China Glaze: Flip Flop Fantasy, Dress Me Up, Blue Year's Eve, Flying Dragon, Agro & Fast Track
 China Glaze: Hook And Line, In The Lime Light, Spontaneous, Luxe And Lush, Mahogany Magic & Pink Voltage
  China Glaze: Ride The Waves, Riveting, Shower Together, I Herd That, Harvest Moon & For Audrey
  China Glaze: Stone Cold, Ruby Pumps, Ultamate Holiday, Turned Up Turquoise (not color accurate), Some Like It Haute & Snow Globe

And that's all :) My collection varies month to month as I get more things in and let things go. I try to stay under 200 bottles as far as polish with color goes. I am currently at 196 with 5 on the way ;)

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