Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sinful Colors Pumpkin Spice vs China Glaze Electrify

I knew when I picked up Sinful Colors Pumpkin Spice it would be dupe, or a close dupe, for China Glaze Electrify. I bought Pumpkin Spice only to see how close it was to Electrify and of course had to share with everyone. ;) 

Both China Glaze Electrify and Sinful Colors Pumpkin Spice are a gold and red glitter mix in a clear base.
My index and ring fingers are 3 coats of Pumpkin with a base coat of Seche Clear and a top coat of Seche Vite. My middle and pinky are 2 coats of Electrify with the same base and top coat combo.
These polishes do look very similar to each other, there are only a few small differences I can spot. Pumpkin Spice has more red glitter and the color is overall a tad brighter than Electrify. Electrify is denser overall, it took 3 coats of Pumpkin Spice to Electrify's 2 coats. I would say though, if you have one you don't need the other!

China Glaze Electrify comes from China Glaze's Hunger Games collection released earlier this year. I have still seen it in my Sally's and Ulta clearance sections so, you may find it there. If not, places like Ebay and Amazon still have them to purchase online. Find China Glaze on Facebook here.

Sinful Colors Pumpkin Spice is apart of Sinful Color's Bewitched Halloween collection, I have seen this collection at all the Walgreens close to me. It is limited edition, if you do spot it at your stores I would pick it up now! 

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