Sunday, October 7, 2012

Jindie Nails Witch Way? Review & Swatches

The cold weather keeping me in just makes me post more! I had planned on doing this post earlier but, my VoxBox review took a lot longer than expected because my son got stir crazy being inside all day. He doesn't like being bundled up like the kid on A Christmas Story so he had to stay inside most of the day and wasn't happy about it! :P
I still have 1 more Jindie Nails to review and swatch after this one, Witch Way?, hopefully everyone still loves seeing them! I will have Alpha Beta Fish review and swatches up tomorrow if the weather doesn't change. ;)

Jindie Nails Witch Way? is listed as a  purple jelly base with black large square glitter, matte neon green small glitter and green shimmer/flake glitter added to it.
All fingers are 4 coats of Witch Way? over Seche Clear and topped with Hong Kong Girl Top Coat. I know 4 coats seems like a lot but I wanted to make it opaque. ;)
I did have to "fish" for the larger squares in this polish but, it wasn't a pain at all! All I did was flip the bottle over for about 30 seconds and then they appeared on the brush. All the other glitters came out fine on their own. Even with 4 coats, this polish dried quickly and overall shares the same great formula like all my other Jindie Nails polishes. 
The color of Witchy Way? is very unique, it's kind of creepy and pretty at the same time. :P The main reason I didn't put this polish over another color was to see how the jelly base looked with all of the other glitters. The jelly base helps give depth and creepiness to this manicure! :)

Witch Way? is a limited edition color from Jindie Nails' Hellaween collection. You can find it at Jindie Nails Esty Shop here. You can also find Jindie Nails on Facebook here and follow her on Instagram here (she has some of her upcoming polishes on Instagram so make sure to check it out!)

This product was sent for review, all opinions are my own.
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