Friday, October 12, 2012

Lynnderella Ghost Of A Chance

Yesterday was so crazy, I went up against my blog html again and as you can see it looks a lot better! Also, my son decided to go up against a golf ball and the has a nice knot on his head to prove the golf ball won and we also have a new member of our family my husband brought home, a fire ball python. So after all the craziness was said and done, I was too tired to write up a post sorry!
 To make it up and keep in line with posting all my new Lynnderella polishes, I'll be making 2 posts today. First up is Lynnderella Ghost Of A Chance. 

 Ghost of a Chance has multiple- sized and shaped translucent white and pastel glitters in a sheer multi-shimmer base with a dash of rainbow dust. 
All fingers are 2 coats of Ghost Of A Chance over 3 coats Tony Moly MK06 (will have a post up about this color alone next week). All have no base coat and a top coat of Hong Kong Girl Top Coat.
Over a mint green, this color looks very "Eastery". I did really want to try Ghost Of A Chance over a gray but, I feel like I've been using gray all the time lately! :P It is a very light and airy polish with a splash of color thrown in that makes it work not just for Halloween but, anytime of the year. :)

Lynnderella Ghost Of A Chance is apart of Lynn's Early Halloween Resurrected collection currently being sold through her eBay store here.

Tony Moly polishes are a Korean brand. You can find a lot of them on eBay or through blog sales. Tony Moly is on Facebook here.
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