Monday, February 4, 2013

Lynnderella Cat

So I'm sure if you jumped straight into pictures you are wondering what the heck the owl is in the picture for. Allow me to explain! My dear friend Maggie, who I'm sure will be showing off these polishes soon on her blog T8lady's Polish Party, suffered a tragic loss of her daughter 2 years ago. To help bring a little light to her during this anniversary, I requested Lynn to make a custom in honor of her daughter. Both of these polishes were Lynn's creations based on the description Maggie shared as her dream custom. An owl and the color purple are two things Maggie uses to remember and honor her beautiful daughter, Caris AnnaBelle Tate.

The polish that bears the name Cat (for Caris AnnaBelle Tate) and has a lavender base with various shapes and sizes of green, purple and silver holographic glitters. The second polish that has no name is a mixture of purple and green holographic glitters in a clear base. I used 3 coats of Cat on all of my nails except my ring nail and 2 coats of the unnamed polish on my ring nail. All have a top coat of Seche Vite.
There were 2 polishes created by Lynn because she wasn't sure if Maggie wanted to lavender colored base or purple glitter to act as the base. By the time I was able to sneak around and ask Maggie herself (I had a helper ;) ), Lynn had created both. I did find out that Maggie wanted a lavender colored base, hence the reasoning for that one bearing the name Cat. Both are equally beautiful and will forever be something to remember the lovely Caris AnnaBelle Tate by. 

To throw off Maggie more when she got her unexpected packaged, I made it quiet a hunt for her to even realize what I sent in the first place. :P

Obviously a HUGE thank you goes out to Lynn! I also wanted to thank Amy from Atlcatsmeow and Diana from Polish Monster. These ladies helped make this happen and were there for me to share my excitement with when it was torturing me to not tell Maggie even the smallest detail. I'm awful at keeping surprises without at least mentioning something, but I didn't for any part of this! ;)

If you would like check out Maggie's polish blog, T8slady's Polish Party, you can find it here and on Facebook here. She also has a blog that shares her story about Caris that can be found here.
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