Sunday, February 3, 2013

Walmart's New Nail Aisle

I normally don't do posts like this, but I was ecstatic to visit a local Walmart and see this new set up and I figured why not! This Walmart is located in Bentonville, AR and Bentonville is the location of Walmart's home offices, so it maybe something new rolling out here first. I can't say for sure if all Walmart stores will be set up like this in the future or even certain ones will, as I have no secret Walmart intel. :P Usually even being close to the home offices, stores near me get products later others. Case in point: the Pure Ice polishes that were limited at the end of last year arrived near friends out of state about a month before they showed up at the stores near me.
Bear in mind these shots were taken with my phone as I didn't expect to even see this set up in the first place. ;) Also, I didn't take pictures of everything just of things that caught my eye.
This post is semi picture heavy so please click "Read more" to view the entire post.

As you can see everything has back lighting and looks mighty fancy this way!
Nouvea Cheap posted a little over a week ago (post here) Rejuvacote was soon to be carried at Walmart, but I never expected to see Seche Vite carried as well! 
After Seche Vite and Rejuvacote, this is the section that caught my eye the most.
Nail Rock caviar and nail wrap kits. Nouvea Cheap posted (post here) that some Nail Rock caviar kits were popping up at Walgreens. I haven't seen them at my local Walgreens, but as you can see Walmart is starting to carry a few!
Fing'rs Edge products including: a kit for water marbling, newspaper transfer and a magnetic polish; kits for ombre nails in pink/red and purple, a kit with nail tattoos (I have photos at the end of this post of it in more detail) and empty spot for nail art brushes! On Fing'rs Edge site there are photos of this nail art box and it looks to include a striper brush, dotting tool, slanted brush and nail stencils. There are also photos on the Fing'rs Edge website of a kit including nail studs and dots. I don't know if the empty area by the Flirt stampers was a spot for this or not, maybe though!
Fing'rs Flirt  products: nail art stickers, stamping plate and stamping kit. You can see a review of the stamping kit done by Nouveau Cheap (what can I say I love her blog! ;) ) here.
Below all the Fing'rs products were Salon Perfect nail stripers and Sally Hansen Salon Effects French Manicure polish strips. Not a huge color selection for the nail stripers, but not bad!
Certain Salon Perfect colors seem to be a permeant part of this area now! At least in my experience I would randomly see the Salon Perfect polishes in the beauty area, so it's good some colors have a home now. I did still see some colors on displays in the beauty section, but these colors maybe their core colors. 
Also good to see some Sinful Colors have a home, I previously saw these too randomly floating around in the beauty area. Again not all of the Sinful Colors, but some.
A section for all the new Pure Ice shades coming out this year (list of the colors here)! I'll be stalking this store until Over You and Never Satisfied (the spot for this was just right of It's Complicated but I accidentally cut it off >_<) are stocked! :P 
Small side note: If you were interested in some of the limited colors that came out last year but could not find them in your Walmart store or weren't quick enough to grab them, good news! Some shades are being released under a different name permanently! You can see those shades on Pure Ice's Facebook here.
While not apart of the nail aisle, I did spot some of the new Revlon shades at my store including: Girly, Heavenly and Ritzy!
So after all my drooling over this new section, I picked up a few things. ;) I'm not going to lie, the lighting and how good it looked did tempted me in buying more though! :P I picked up:
Flower Polish Eye of The Tiger Lily: This polish was in it's own separate section with the other Flower Cosmetics and not in the nail aisle. You can see swatches done by T8slady's Polish Party here
Fing'rs Edge Nail Tattoos: I fell in love with the map and chevron print! I'll have a review done up sometime next week. ;)
Duri Rejuvacote: Everyone raves about this stuff, especially Diana from Polish Monster! So I am eager to try it out! :)

That about wraps this post up! I am hopeful to see this new section reach all stores. I really love the new look of the aisle and the photo swatches in front of the polishes. I am crossing my fingers the displays don't become graffitied by people swatching all over them though! >_<
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