Friday, July 12, 2013

Lacquerhead Polish Reviews & Swatches

Happy Friday everyone! I have a few of Lacquerhead Polish's new colors to share with you today! :) Again excuse me for using a generic blog title. I went a little crazy swatching and didn't think anyone would want to see 8 polishes names in the title. :P 

Full Tealt is a teal jelly based polish with large turquoise holographic glitters, teal dots and other ocean-esque and teal glitters. Here I used 2 coats with top coat.
 Love, love, love this polish! The color of the base is perfect and I just love the over all "squishy" look it gives off! :P Formula was perfect! I didn't need to fish for any of the larger circles and feel like I got the perfect amount out. It does have an average dry time, something I find with most jellies, but Seche Vite helped it out. ;) I do apologize my bottle of Seche Vite decided to be extra bubbly and I only noticed that after I uploaded my photos. >_< So the bubbles you see in the close up shots are from the top coat and not the polish.
I'm Your Huckleberry has a creme purple base with metallic purple shreds. All nails are 2 coats with top coat. 
Purple, my love! :P This polish is yet another fantastic looking polish! The shards mix it up, but don't over power the look, which I really like. Formula was great and I had no troubles with any of the shards sticking up and requiring extra top coat. :)
Liberty Belle is a glitter top coat  made up of various sizes of white, red and blue glitters  and silver metallic stars. I used 2 coats over a combination of Lacquerhead Polish Blueberry Yum-Yum and Cherry Bomb with top coat.
If you are wondering why I am posting a holiday polish after the holiday, blame the postal service. They love to bring me my mail at the pace of a snail! :P But have no fear, if you are interested in this color (or Solider boy featured below) Alischia, the creator of Lacquerhead Polish, plans on leaving them for sale in her shop all summer! Woo hoo!
So now on to this polish. :P Even though it is after the holiday I still wanted to have some fun with the base color I used. If you are new here, I rarely shut up about the jellies Lacquerhead sells, so I had to use them! ;) Everything was great about Liberty Belle in formula and color. You may notice I don't have any of the silver stars on my nails. In being honest, I didn't realize they were in there because it jam packed with so much glitter and because I rarely shake polish unless it obviously has sinking issues. >_< I did get a shot of one in my close up bottle shot to make up for my lack of paying attention! :P
She's a Star contains white, pink and purple glitters with hot pink and purple stars scattered throughout. All nails are 2 coats of She's a Star over 3 coats of Lacquerhead Polish Green Apple with top coat.
 Again, excuse Seche Vite it was having a bit of a diva moment in the close ups. :/ Nevertheless, another great glitter mix! I mean who doesn't love the colored stars! ;) I like how the white glitters let the stars and other colored glitters shine, but still look wonderful! Again great formula and no need for fishing out anything. :)
Solider Boy is  a white based polish with a mix of small dark reds glitters, 2 different blues glitters and small blue hearts. Here I used 2 coats with top coat.
Again, let's blame the postal service not bringing my mail quick enough. ;) This another awesome patriotic polish I think you could where any time of the year! :)  Alischia's son is a solider boy, so she made this polish to honor him. How cute is that! :D I wasn't able to get a lot of stars out for each nail, but I didn't have to fish for the ones I did get and I like them more of an accent than having a ton on each nail. ;)
Space Cadet 2.0 contains a mixture of purple and pink glitters in various shapes and sizes in a deep purple jelly base. For these photos I used 2 coats with top coat.
 Don't make me choose between Space Cadet 2.0 and Full Tealt, on which I love more because I can't! You just need both! Both are equally amazing in every way, so just go buy both and you don't be disappointed! 
Sunsets and Tiny Umbrellas has a red-orange jelly base with various pieces of iridescent and gold glitters. Here I used 2 coats with no top coat.
Both of my cameras through a fit over the base color of this polish >_< One shows it more orange and the other more red, but it's a nice mixture of the two. I love the pops of gold and iridescent glitters mixed in to give it a lovely, subtle spark. I know I'm being a broken record saying this, but the formula gave me no problems. :) I'm not sure what inspired the name, but I love it and it makes me smile! :D
They Call Me Thumper has a grey creme base with bright and light pink glitters in various sizes and shapes. All nails are 2 coats with top coat.
This polish reminds me of a sweater! :P Personally, I am one of those crazy people that wears sweaters anytime of the year (I'm pretty sure I own way to many sweaters, for someone that lived in Florida most of their life!). Haha The grey base doesn't overpower the pink glitters and they pop through nicely at 2 coats. Of course, yet again, problem free formula! 

I'm not sure when Sunset and Tiny Umbrellas will be released, but you can find all the other polishes in this post though Lacquerhead Polish's Etsy shop. Be sure to follow Lacquerhead Polish on Facebook and Twitter, to stay updated on release dates and new colors!
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