Saturday, July 20, 2013

Elevation Polish Dark Cloud

Good evening everyone! I had an eventful day and thought I would make up a quick post before my Blogiversary Giveaway #2 ends. ;)

Dark Cloud is a mix of periwinkle and navy glitters in various sizes and shapes in a clear base. All nails are 1 coat of Dark Cloud over 2 coats of Sinful Shine Your's Truly with top coat.
This polish is a custom polish that was created for a group and was meant to "travel", which will explain the extra photos I had posted below. ;) The idea is for all the members to take their mani shots in a unique location they visit. 
Where I chose Dark Cloud to "travel" to was Monte Ne, AR. It's not far from where I live but I never knew there was something so unique and interesting hiding there until the husband and I went out to the lake one day. This tower was apart of a huge hotel called "Oklahoma Row" built in the 1900's and is one of the few standing structures today.  You can read more about it here and see what it used to look like before flooding ruined most of it. 
If you wondering about the fence around it, well some highly intelligent person got themselves trapped in the chimney a few years ago, so the Army Corps of Engineers put up a fence to keep out others.  
From my reading this was the "servant's quarters" when the hotel was still standing. There is also an amphitheater nearby, but currently the water level was too high so it's still not visible unless you go swimming.   
Here is good old Dark Cloud in front of the tower! :) I didn't even realize the graffiti that was on the front of the tower before taking a few pictures. >_< It wasn't until the husband said something that I even realized it! :P If you aren't easily offended you can click here to see one of those pictures. :P

Like I mentioned before, this polish was specially made for a group and therefore cannot be remade, but you can find other beautiful polishes from Elevation Polish in her BigCartel store. It is stocked every 7th (at 9 PM CST) and 22nd (at 9 AM CST). Find information about restocks and new colors on Lulu's blog.  
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