Monday, July 1, 2013

Fing'rs Get Spotted

Happy Monday everyone! Sorry I've been slacking on posting regularly. I cut my nails down even more on Thursday after my post to even them out..but ended up taking them down a lot more than I meant to. >_< So if I'm not posting everyday that is the reasoning. Also I decided to go sans bottle in these photos to try to hide my shortness and the unevenness (yeah I didn't even even them out, just filed like a mad woman haha). Anywho, I picked up this kit at Walmart the other day from the new Fing'rs display. If you haven't seen the new Fing'rs display "Heart 2 Art", I uploaded some pictures to album you can check out here. There is a lot of great stuff!

The two colors included in this set don't have names >_< The first one is a basic bright blue. I used 2 coats and no top coat for these photos.
No problem with application, but as a warning I did get some staining on my cuticles during clean up. I would recommend a good base coat for this one just in case. ;)
 The second polish in this set is a bright pink with orange shimmer. All nails are 2 coats and no top coat.
Again problem free formula, like the blue polish. I apologize that my camera hates bright pinks. :/ The color is really pretty, but not as neon as my photos like to show and the shimmer is more noticeable in person.
Before applying Get Spotted I sponged some of the blue polish over the pink with an eyeshadow applicator. 
Get Spotted is an effect top coat that gives off an oil spot look. I used 1 very thin coat over the above manicure.
While I don't own OPI Black Spotted (it was a European exclusive released with their The Amazing New Spiderman collection in Summer 2012) I would call this a dead on dupe. Application is very tricky and you need to only use a very, very, very thin coat and make sure your polish is 100% dry. It does take some trial and error to get smaller spots and like the box says a thicker coat will give you less and larger spots. Nevertheless I love the look and am also happy I didn't fork over the extra money to grab the OPI version through a custom purchase. ;)

I believe these new products are only being sold at Walmart. This set retails for $6.48 and the other products are pretty reasonably priced as well. Follow Fing'rs on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest
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