Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lynnderella Swatches

Happy Wednesday everyone! I think I'm running out of titles for my Lynnderella posts. Hehe I included a bit too many to list all the names in the title this go around. I hope you don't mind a generic title for a post containing some awesome polishes! ;)

Gingerbread Hearts contains metallic gingerbread coloured glitter decorated with flat colour red, white, blue, pink and green glitter in a clear base. Here I layered 2 coats of Gingerbread Hearts over 2 coats of Sephora Manizer.
 I know this is a holiday polish, but as usual I like mixing it up and using polishes out of season. :P My camera didn't pick up how the bronzed glitters stood out, but they do! And I think the clash makes it pretty un-holiday like. ;)
Thank Blue, too! contains rich cyan metallic and holographic glitters in a clear base. 
Ice the Snowcake is a blend of satin and matte white glitters, iridescent blue flakes and blue sparks in shimmering pink base.
For these photos I started with 2 coats of Thank Blue, too! and added 1 coat of Ice the Snowcake.
Does anyone remember Mr. Freeze from the movie Batman & Robin? I think this combo would be right up his alley! :P Pretty much that was all I could think of when I wore this. Heheh 
Matter of the Heart is a sheer pink with scattered holographic hearts, red, holo, pink and magenta glitter.
LoveLight is a translucent pastel fuchsia with strong hot pink shimmer and blue flecks.
I started this manicure with 1 coat of Sephora Psychedelic, added 2 coats of Matter of the Heart and finished it off with 1 coat of LoveLight. 
Darn my camera again for not picking up this manicure in it's full glory! >_< Nevertheless, I think this combo scream Valentine's Day! And LoveLight just gives any combination or polish an extra kick!
Undead Red is a mix of metallic and matte reds as well as holographic and iridescent blue glitters in a red base.
One Nutty Fruitcake contains multi-coloured and black squares of various sizes with sparse micro glitter. 
All nail are 3 coats of Undead Red with 1 coats of One Nutty Fruitcake.
 I was going to mention how this combo reminded me Thanksgiving/Christmas foods like Fruitcake and cranberries...but I don't think saying a polish named UnDead Red would be something that would make others hungry! Hahah So let's just say it reminded me of a fun rainbow. ;)
She Lived in a Swamp has a clear base with Multiple sizes of sea green, chartreuse, gold and mossy green hexagons and squares as well as yellow-green holographic hexagons.
Salad Days is described as garden variety: tender lettuces, herbs, radishes, tomatoes, rapscallions and carrot chiffonade. A young, bright green with dressing on the side.
Deep Blue Seeing contains deep, rich cyan with metallic, satin and neon microglitter in a clear base with subtle turquoise shimmer.
I used the polishes in the same order listed above in a gradient on all nails.
 This gradient was suggested by a friend and what an awesome suggestion it was! I think everyone needs to do this combination, so they too can feel like their nails are worth a million bucks! 
Third Eye Open Opal is made with holographic and assorted iridescent glitters in a multi-shimmered clear base. All nails are 1 coat over 2 coats of Sephora Will you jump?.
 Iridescent glitters are just something I can never get enough of! And this polish does not disappoint! How can it with an awesome drawing on the label?! 
 To A Sweet, Dotty Fairy is made with soft lavender and white glitters accented with large lavender dots and aqua microglitter in an iridescent-blue-shimmered clear base. Here I layered 2 coats over 2 coats of Sinful Shine Your's Truly.
 Hopefully I did a fairy proud with complementing the soft, elegance of this polish! :) I'm not one to usually really love super girly combos (give me something loud and bright any day!), but I really do think these polishes were made for each other and love it! :)

Lynnderella Lacquers can be purchased through or through Norway Nails. Follow the Lynnderella fan pages on FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest and Tumblr

Also it seems Lynnderella giveaways are in the air! Atlcatsmeow is giving away the entire new Lynnderella collection (along with some other goodies), the Love Lynnderella Facebook Page is running the weekly Polish of the Week Giveaway (this week's Polish of the Week is Ruby Passion) and I have my giveaway (for a chance to win my custom and Bride of Franken) going for a few more days! Make sure you enter them all! :D
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