Saturday, August 31, 2013

Above the Curve Neon Collection Reviews & Swatches

Hey there everyone! Sorry I meant to have this posted yesterday, time is just not on my side lately. >_< I hope you guys understand though. :) I'm doing my best to catch up with the craziness the world gave me earlier in the week. :P

Neon Green is a bright green with blue shimmer. All nails are 3 coats with top coat.
Like all the polishes in this collection, the colors are NEON and my camera wasn't too happy picking them up. >_< The shimmer is a really unique in all of them as well. :) Formula was a little tricky and I needed to use a mixture of thinner and thicker coats and wait for each coat to dry throughly, before applying the next or I experienced patchiness. It did have a great dry time though! The color isn't as dark as my camera liked to show, just an awesome neon green. :)
Neon Orange has gold and fuchsia shimmer in a vivid orange base. Here is 3 coats without top coat.
Formula was similar to Neon Green and again my camera wasn't cooperating with picking up the color accurately. >_< It's a tad darker orange than my photos and the shimmer really provides a pop to an already bright color! :)
Neon Pink is an intense pink with blue shimmer. Shown is 3 coats with no top coat.
Neon Pink is a definite "Barbie Pink"! Formula was the best and was an easy 3 thin coats with perfect coverage. The blue shimmer, even though you can't see from my darn pictures, adds an awesome "glow" to it. :)
Neon Red contains blue and fuchsia shimmer in a vibrant red-orange colored base. All nails are 3 coats with no top coat.
This color is really unique and pretty. It's not quite red and not quite orange, a nice in between! :) Formula was easier to work with and only required 1 thicker coat after 2 thin coat to provide even coverage. Even with a thicker coat, it had a great dry time and like all these polishes, except the holo top coat, has an almost glossy finish so you can choose to use a top coat or not. :)
Neon Yellow is a bright yellow with blue and green shimmer. Here is 4 coats with top coat.
Unfortunately, I didn't have an easy application with this color. :/ It took 4 thicker coats to get even coverage. I think it would have worked better layered over a white base color instead of building it up on it's own. I actually own another neon yellow and have the same problem with not being able to build it up easily so I don't think it's this polish, just the over all color. If you are look for a highlighter yellow with the added spark of some shimmer this is a great polish though! ;)
Everyday is a Holo-Day! is a holographic topper. For these photos I used all the colors in the collection in a gradient with 1 coat of Everyday is a Holo-Day! on top and top coat.
 Holo top coats are always fun and this one is no different! :) It had an easy application and gave out tons of holo in just one coat! I thought about apply 1 coat after I swatched all the other colors, but I liked the gradient idea more. Now only it is blinding because of the neons, it has a holographic shine to blind you even more! :P

This set is available right now for $40 (for full size) or $20 (for mini) through Above the Curve's BigCartel store.  Even with the sale, Above the Curve still donates $1 from each full size bottle to Shriner's Hospitals For Children! Make sure to follow Above The Curve on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

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