Thursday, August 8, 2013

Enchanted Polish *69 & Up in Smoke

As promised, though a little late, I have a dedicated swatch post for the day. :) I was lucky enough to be able to grab Enchanted Polish Up in Smoke when stocked by Mei Mei's Signatures and had my awesome friend help me grab a bottle of *69! :)

 *69 contains neon green and pink glitters in a various shapes and sizes with a pink shimmery clear base. Shown is 1 coat over 2 coats of Elevation Polish Whoops Jungfrau with top coat.
I love anything bright and with added stars and pink shimmer, how could you say no! It makes me a little sad this was a "flash sale" and everyone couldn't get their hands on this because it's so much fun!
Here is 1 coat of *69 over 2 coats of  Up in Smoke with top coat.
I think I prefer *69 over a dark base because the pink shimmer really stands out, but it really looks great over anything. ;)
 Up in Smoke is a dusty purple/gray holographic. All nails are 2 coats with no top coat.
I really like this color even if it close to Majestic. I'm a sucker for anything purple and/or gray and holo! :P
I know a lot of people liked my last post of Enchanted Polish because it showed off just the color and not the holo, but I figured out a new lighting trick to make the holo pop and thought I would include those photos as well. :)
If you are wondering how Up in Smoke Compares to Majestic, here you go. :)

As I mentioned, *69 was a "flash sale" therefore it may or may not return. Sorry! Follow Enchanted Polish on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or sign up for her newsletter, for information on restocks and new colors.

Up in Smoke is an exclusive shade for Mei Mei's Signature. It is supposed to return soon so make sure to follow Mei Mei's Signature on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!
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