Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Takko Lacquer Strangely Delicious RVMP

Hey guys! I have 2 posts for you all today, it was going to be 3 but I felt that maybe too much. :P So first up is just a quick post with Takko Lacquer's Strangely Delicious RVMP. :)

 Strangely Delicious RVMP is described as a vibrant neon red-orange full with glistening limey green. All nails are 3 coats with top coat.
I knew as soon as I saw this polish in person my camera would say "LOL you aren't getting correctly colored pictures with this polish" and I was right! :P It's super bright, think traffic cone orange. The coverage of this polish is a bit odd. In certain lights, even with 3 coats, visible nail still can be seen. I don't think I have any other polishes that do something like that and I have no idea why it does that. Nevertheless it is super bright, so it's a love for me. ;)

Purchase Takko Lacquer through Currently everything is out of stock, but certain colors are set to be restock August 26th at 1 PM EST. Follow Takko Lacquer on Twitter, Instagram and through their blog
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