Friday, August 2, 2013

Zoya Satins Collection Reviews & Swatches

Hooray it's Friday! I hope everyone has some fun plans over this weekend! I can't believe how quickly this year is flying by and Summer is almost over. >_< I always have new polish collections to remind me what seasons are right around the corner. :P And that is the case with Zoya's 2 new Fall collections- Cashmere & Satins. Today I have the Satins collection and, child permitting, hope to have the Cashmeres collection posted tomorrow. :)

 Channing is a rusty/copper red metallic. All nails are 2 coats with no top coat.
Of course this wouldn't be a Fall collection without a beautiful rust color that reminds you of the leaves changing. ;) Channing is a lovely color that I think would work in any season and even though it's not something I would normally see myself liking, I do! :)
 Claudine is described as a dark meteorite gray metallic. All nails are 2 coats with no top coat.
While I understand Fall calls for dark rich colors, I was a little underwhelmed with Claudine in person. It's a pretty color, just not near as striking as the other metallics in this collection. Maybe I have my mind still too much in Summer to appreciate it yet. :P
 Giovanna is a emerald green metallic. For these photos I used 2 coats with no top coat.
Go buy this polish, right now! Seriously go do it! I don't care if you aren't a fan of metallics or greens, you need this polish! Pretty much all I can say about it!....did you go buy it yet?!
Maria-Luisa is described as gold cellophane accent topper. Here I layered 1 coat over 2 coats of Zoya Rocky with an accent nail of 3 coat of Maria-Luisa over bare nail.
While the formula was great and it dried without the need of a top coat, I'm not really in love with this polish. The gold flakes give off a nice shine but aren't really sparkly, if that makes sense? I was excited about it when I first saw the press release, just a little let down with it in person. Over Rocky it does remind me of turquoise, so that was something neat about it. :)
Mason is a red violet metallic. All nails are 2 coats with no top coat.
Mason is a little bit brighter in person than my camera could capture, though I think I caught the color pretty well how it appears in normal house lighting. Nevertheless, it is a stunner! To me it's a great mix of something bright, but still a little "vampy" to keep you happy from the change of Summer to Fall. ;)
 Neve is a sapphire blue metallic. Shown is 2 coats with no top coat.
I thought when I first saw photos of Neve it would be close to Hard Candy Mr. Right or Essie Midnight Cami, but it isn't even close! Neve has a glow to it and it stands out as being blue even in low lighting, unlike the other 2 mentioned polishes that can appear black in lower lighting.
For a quick nail art, I dabbed Neve with an eyeshadow applicator over 2 coats of Giovanna and added a top coat. I like how it came out, even though it looks a bit odd, because it reminded me of colorful inkblots. :P

Overall this is a great collection with an always great formula from Zoya. My top picks would be Giovana, Channing and Mason. :)

Purchase Zoya polish online through and in stores at Ulta. If you’re new to you can sign up on their website with the link above and receive a one-time use coupon code for a free polish!  All you need to do is pay for shipping and handling, but if you add 2 more, you get free shipping! Make sure to follow Zoya on FacebookTwitterYouTube and their blog for information about new upcoming colors!

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