Monday, September 2, 2013

Lynnderella Berry Much in Love, Elf Assured, Mrs. Shaperson, Mercurial & So Long Longing

Happy Labor day any readers in states! :) I thought it would be fun this week to try to do a Lynnderella post every day leading up to Atlcatsmeow's birthday! :) We both share a love for Lynnderella lacquers, so I'm giving it a go starting today! ;)

Berry Much in Love has assorted shades of red and pink glitters accented with yellow seeds as well as green stars all in a translucent strawberry-juice base. Here is 1 coat of Berry Much in Love over 3 coats of Salon Perfect Silver Screen.
 This polish looks just like some yummy strawberries! I chose to layer it over a lighter color, so you could really see all the glitter pop. I think it would look amazing over or between a jelly polish too, to give it that all over squishy vibe. :P
Elf Assured has black, white, pink and almost-neon red matte glitters with metallic and holographic aqua in a white-shimmer base.  All nails are 1 coat over 3 coats of Salon Perfect Fade Out.
 I'm a firm believer that polishes are never just for one season of the year. ;) And this is no exception! I personally think Elf Assured doesn't have too "elfy" of a vibe and looks great even in September. :)
Mrs. Shaperson contains tons of fun glitter shapes including skulls, clubs, hearts, stars, diamonds, dots, flowers, squares, bars, rectangles and hexagons. Shown is 2 coats over 2 coats of Color Club Silver Lake.
Ahhh skulls and club?! How awesome is that! :D I won't lie though, when I first saw the skulls, I thought they were 4 legged octopi. Hehe :P Hey I'm sure there are in fact 4 legged octopi somewhere out there. ;) 
Mercurial has multiple sizes and shades of gunmetal, black, lavender and silver hexes and squares in a metallic grey base. In these photos I used 1 coat of Mercurial over 3 coats of Salon Perfect Starlet.
 Maybe it's me (it probably is don't worry ;) ), but I never noticed the lavender hexes in this polish before! >_< I've looked at my bottle and seen other's swatches and I don't know for whatever reason it never clicked in my mind they were there.  They were a nice surprise when I put it on though! The larger hex glitters are always fabulous too. ;)
So Long Longing contains brilliant blue-violet glitters accented with neons and holographic dots in a translucent pink-shimmered blue base. All nails are 1 coat over 3 coats of Salon Perfect Leading Lady. 
I wish my camera would caught the "glow" this manicure gave off :( because it was awesome! Nevertheless, this polish is stunning in person and a must have! ;)

Find Lynnderella Lacquers through and internationally through Norway Nails and Glitter Connect. Make sure to follow all the Lynnderella fan pages on FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest and Tumblr. There is a super fun  Polish of the Week giveaway this week, so be sure to enter! 

If you aren't already following Atlcatsmeow on Facebook or Instagram, run over and do so now! She is super awesome and her birthday is coming up and she is having an amazing giveaway for her birthday! You have no excuse not to follow her. ;)
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