Saturday, September 7, 2013

Cotton Ball Deal at Sallys!

This is a bit of a random post, from the norm on this blog. I didn't think I could include all information and photos with just an Facebook or Instagram picture, so a post it had to be! I think it's safe to say all of us polish lovers, and even makeup lovers, use cotton balls often enough for this post to be relevant. ;)

I noticed this deal online when the Sally's September ad was first posted, but only now had a chance to test it out. If you are looking to do this deal online it does not seem to work. :/ It only takes off the price of 1 pack instead of $5. Also the shipping for only 3 packs was $5 to me, so it wouldn't have made sense to buy them online anyways. 
You will need a Sally's Beauty Club Card to get the price of 8 cents. If you do not have one, your total will be 97 cents (before any tax). The Club Cards are only $5 for a year and really great deal if you don't have one already. ;)
This is the coupon you will need. It can be found in the current ad on the last page, bottom left corner. My store has tons of these flyers laying around, so you can ask for one or some stores will just take the code I circled instead of the actual flyer. 
Both of these cotton balls are normally priced at $1.99 or $1.69 with a Beauty Club Card. So you will want to grab either 3 packs of which ever kind you want, or a mixture of the two kinds. Make sure to only do 3 packs in each transaction, since the coupon can only be applied once per transaction!
While I can't guarantee this deal will work at every store, I can tell you I did 2 transactions and both went through without a problem! :) And this coupon is good until September 30th, so you have plenty of time to stock up! ;)

There are ton of other ways you can use this coupon too! Online and in stores Sally's has many cotton puffs, rounds, wedges, applicators, sponges and Bath Secrets products that are reasonably priced and a steal after the coupon! I would recommend if you want to purchase 3 of something that totals cheaper than the coupon, particularly the powder puffs, eyeshadow applicators or blending spatulas, you purchase 4-5 packs of them to get your total to $5.

Hope this helped and since this is my first post like this, sorry if it's confusing or lacking anything. Let me know in the comments if I need to add anything or if the deal did/didn't work for you. 
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