Monday, September 16, 2013

Me.Lissa Lacquer Reviews & Swatches

Happy Monday everyone! I have a new to blog brand to start off your week with! :)

Blur contains red, hot pink, silver and charcoal holographic glitters. All nails are 3 coats with top coat.
Blur is one bling-tastic polish! All the colors work together very well and I couldn't stop starring at my nails while I wore it. :) It is on the thicker side and was a bit difficult to apply. I found a few drops of thinner helped it though. I think because it is so jammed packed with glitters was the reasoning behind the consistency, but you can rest assured there will be no need to fish for any glitters. ;)
Dance on Tabletops has a clear base with lilac, lavender, holographic lavender and black, and neon pink and blue glitters. Shown is 1 coat over 2 coats of Love & Beauty Metallic Love.
I'm always a sucker for any polish with my three favorite colors; purple, pink and blue! I love the added kick of the holographic glitters to add some spark to the neon glitters. :) Formula was perfect and as you can see, needed no fishing for glitter.
Girl's Night Out contains holographic red, black and pink, neon pink and accented with silver diamond glitters in a clear base. Here I used 1 coat of Girl's Night Out over  2 coats of Elevation Polish Echinops. 
Another awesome mix with a kick this time of diamond glitters! I didn't need to fish out any of the larger or diamond glitters, but did need to place some on my nail. It was easy to do though. :) Other than that, another problem free formula.
Party Like a Rock Star has a mixture of neon pink and green stars, neon blue, neon green, white and black squares and hexes and white and black bars. All nails are 2 coats over 2 coats of LAQA & Co. Nookie.
 I like Melissa is in my head with these glitter mixes containing my favorite things! :P This polish doesn't have any added holographic glitters, like the previous two, but how can you say no to neon stars?! Formula was perfect. :)
Too Many Shots is packed with red, pink, yellow, green, silver blue holographic, purple holographic, red holographic, pink holographic, and neon blue shredded glitters in an iridescent base.  For these photos I used 2 coats of Too Many Shots over 2 coats of Lakur Thames From The Eye.
I can't say I've seen any polish that is rainbow, iridescent and has shredded glitter; yet they are a combination made in heaven! It really is a gorgeous polish! Formula was a tad thicker, but very easy to work with and totally worth it! :D
Find all these polishes and more through Me.Lissa Lacquer's etsy store. Make sure to follow Me.Lissa Lacquer on Facebook and Twitter for new colors and collections coming soon!

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