Friday, November 1, 2013

OMG Nail Strips Review

I hope you all had a great Halloween! I can't say I did anything exciting, or even had my little one dress up. He's 3 going on 13 apparently and refused to wear a costume. >_< So we went to Toys R Us and bought him a toy he's been wanting for awhile. :P I was able to dress up my nails with these OMG Nail Strips though! :)

This set is called "Pink Scream"
This set is named "Crow"
The good:
  • Each strip has the measurement on them, so there is no guessing or having to line up strips to figure out which one you used on your nail
  • Reasonably priced (current deal listed below)
  • 50 different designs to choose from
  • No dry time and shiny before a top coat
  • Easily removed with nail polish remover
  • I wore Pink Scream for 3 days and only experience a little bit of tip wear
The bad:
  • A little tricky to apply, but I don't regularly use nail strips so it could be user error ;)
  • Super sticky (this is a good and bad). I ripped a few strips trying to realign them after laying them down a little bit on near my cuticles
  • As directed on their website, I swiped each nail with remover after applying and as you can see on the crow design it melted some of the design. This again could have been user error, so I skipped in on the Pink Scream design and had no trouble
All in all, I really like these strips! I'm horrible at nail art, so this is a fun way to for me to wear nail art without actually doing it. ;) 

Purchase OMG Nail Strips through their online store. All strips retail for $6.89 or you can purchase 4 sets for $20 with the code 4pack or 10 sets for $45 with the code 10pack. Shipping is free on all orders, including international orders! :) Follow OMG Nail Strips on Facebook and Twitter

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