Saturday, November 23, 2013

Doctor Lacquer Idioms Come But Once A Year Collection Reviews & Swatches

Hi everyone! Yesterday my allergies got the best of me, so sorry for the lack of post! On top of that it's freezing here! Not sure what the weather is like elsewhere, but it's been in the 30's here and still being a born FL girl I'm not used to it ! :P  Nevertheless to catch up for yesterday, here is Doctor Lacquer's new holiday collection! :)
 Close to Your Chestnuts has a mixture of brown, bronze and gold glitters in a thermal crelly base that is tan/nude base (when warm) that turns dark chocolate (when cold). All nails are 3 coats with top coat.
Cue giggling like an idiot over the name of this one! ;) Don't lie, you did. Formula was great with this polish and the larger circles came out easy. I like the the color more in it's warm state, personally, but the glitters do stand out nicely when it's in it's cold state. :)
Here it is cold! 
 Mistletoe the Line is a thermal crelly with a white base (when warm) that turns green (when cold) and mixture of various gold, black, white, green, blue and red glitters. Show is 3 coats with top coat. 
For whatever reason apparently my bottle was a little chilly, not sure why because it was sitting with the others that were in their warm state? Maybe it's a Grinch of the bunch! :P Anyways, the formula of Mistletoe the Line was the same as Close to Your Chestnuts; perfect! The color is a lot of fun too and has plenty of glitter packed in to it. :)
Here it is cold! 
 Poinsettia No Return is described as a strawberry pink jelly with a poinsettia-colored mix of dots and pink snowflakes. Here is 4 thicker coats with top coat. 
My camera picked up this color a little too bright, it is bright but not as bright as my camera thought it should be. ;) I did have to do, what I felt, to be a lot of thicker coats to make the color of the base come out. If I would have stuck to my normal thin coats, I would guess it would take 5-6 coats to get to the level of opaqueness I have here. It did dry quickly, but I did need to fish out the snowflakes. I like the color and the snowflakes are tons of fun! :)
 Purplemint For Your Thoughts has a eggplant purple jelly base with various white and green glitter hexes and dots. These photos are of 4 thicker coats with top coat. 
Purple, blue and dot glitters! What more could a girl ask for! :P Obviously I'm a sucker for purple, so it's a huge thumbs up in my book. ;) The dots came out easy and it did dry quickly, but like Poinsettia No Return it is rather sheer so you will need thicker coats or a lot of thin coats.
 Silent As The Night contains blue, lilac, and lavender holographic dots, hexes and squares in a dark blue/purple jelly with added white snowflake flake glitter. All nails are 4 thicker coats with top coat. 
The base color of Silent As The Night is rather dreamy! ;) Add snowflakes and dots and it's perfect! :D Again I did have problems with the sheerness of this polish like the previous 2 polishes in this post, but if you don't mind building up polish; it's a great look! A little fishing for the snowflakes was required, but nothing too crazy. ;)
Ugly, Sweater, Tears is described as a cold-sensitive thermal crelly that has a light gray base (when warm) and turns black (when cold). Just like that ugly sweater we refuse to wear, this has a mix of patterns and shapes, you will find uniquely shaped glitters like hearts, clovers, spades, snowflakes, bells, mouse heads, and snowmen - aside from the staple hexes and squares. Shown is 3 coats with top coat. 
This polish literally has any shapes you could ask for! :P The thermal change isn't a drastic one, though you can see it change. I had no problem with getting out any of the shapes (as you can see), but the "mouse heads" appear to be melting? You can see one in the bottle shot below. Not sure if the are melting or just their finish came off or what? They just appear to have something going on with them?  Edit to add: Angelyn, the creator behind Doctor Lacquer,  has since removed the silver mouse heads from this polish and has added matte red and black ones instead. :)
Here we have it while cold! :)
Find this new collection for sale now from Doctor Lacquer through their online store. Make sure to follow Doctor Lacquer on Facebook and Instagram!
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