Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hard Candy Fabuluxe + Rainbow Honey The Element of Magic

The other night my son watching his favorite show on Netflix, "Thomas & Friends", when it ended I went back to the main Netflix page and it recommended "My Little Pony". Out of of no where he started screaming "Watch Ponies!" Neither him nor I have ever watched "My Little Pony", so where he even got "ponies" from is beyond me! :P I was just finishing up putting Hard Candy Fabuluxe on my nails and figured it was a sign I should add a Rainbow Honey color to it. ;)
I thought that The Element of Magic would go perfect on top, so that's where my inspiration for today's swatches came from.

Hard Candy Fabuluxe has a magenta jelly base and is packed with fuchsia glitter.
All nails are 2 coats over Nail Envy with no top coat. I probably could have gotten away with 1 thick coat but I like doing thinner coats since they dry quicker and I'm impatient. :P
I adore this color. It's cheap, easy to apply and is insanely vibrate. What's not to love! 
 Rainbow Honey The Element of Magic is described as several shades of purple and pink glitter, some holographic, some iridescent, and a sprinkling of fairy dust all in a shimmery purple base with a magical blue shift.
All fingers are 1 coat of The Element of Magic over the above mentioned and no top coat.
So this is yet another RH manicure that just couldn't be shown off correctly in my light box. I think I was able to capture the "glow" it gives off perfectly outside.

Hard Candy is exclusively sold at Walmart. As far as I know Fabuluxe is apart of the core collection of polishes. You can find Hard Candy on Facebook here.

Rainbow Honey polishes can be purchased through their online store here. You can also like Rainbow Honey on Facebook here.

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