Monday, August 20, 2012

Silver Holographic Swatches

Today was a nice sunny day so, I thought it would be a great day for another holographic comparison post. :)

All polishes are a form of a silver holographic, each one varying in holographic strength. 
All fingers have 2 coats of each polish over Nfu-Oh Aqua base and no top coat. From left to right Make Up Store Great, GOSH Holographic, Layla Mercury Twilight and China Glaze OMG.
My favorite is GOSH, it's a tad darker than the others and has the strongest holo. Next, is a tie between Greta and Mercury Twilight. My least favorite would have to be OMG, while the formula is the best of the 4 (it doesn't require a special base coat) it has the least amount of holo.
Which is your favorite?

Make Up Store nail polish can be purchased in the US at the Denver, CO location in store or by telephone. Make Up Store is on Facebook here.

GOSH Holographic is discontinued but, it is coming back soon under the name Holographic Hero. It is a UK exclusive but will be back permanently! You can find GOSH Cosmetics on Facebook here.

Layla Hologram effects can be purchased from Aveyou Beauty here, Ninja Polish here, Layla's online store here and at Ulta online here or in store. 

China Glaze OMG is from the OMG Collection. Unfortunately, it is discontinued but you can still find it on Ebay and blog sales. China Glaze will be releasing a new holographic collection in Spring 2013 called Hologlam. Photos of the Hologlam collection can be seen on Polish Galore's blog here. You can like China Glaze on Facebook here.
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