Monday, August 27, 2012

Orly Decades Of Dysfunction + Love & Beauty Pink Speckled Glitter

I received an amazing birthday package from Diana over at Polish Monster (she is having a birthday giveaway too so make sure to check that out!). I didn't know what to swatch first! But, I went with Love & Beauty Pink Speckled Glitter. I'm not 100% sure of the name for this polish. The bottle just lists "Pink" as the name yet, the Forever 21 website has it listed as "Pink Speckled Glitter". I like the more descriptive name "Pink Speckled Glitter", so I used that for this post. ;)

Orly Decades of Dysfunction is a off white creme with pink and nude undertones.
All fingers are 2 coats of of  Decades of Dysfunction under Seche Rebuild and with no top coat.
This isn't a color I would normally wear but it makes great "underwear" for other polishes. I do like this color more than a basic white polish because it's a softer shade and not so "in your face" like a basic white.
Love & Beauty Pink Speckled Glitter is a fuchsia jelly base with various shapes and sizes of glitter (including flakies!). I don't own OPI I Lily Love you so, I can't compare the two but I would say it's a pretty darn close dupe. ;)
All fingers are 2 coats of Pink Speckled Glitter dabbed on with a makeup sponge. The formula on this was ok, it was a little thick. Once I added some thinner to it, I had no problem working with it. 
I love how this combination turned out! I think the pink glitter  helps add some kick to a work appropriate manicure.
This picture is 2 coats of Pink Speckled Glitter over black and 3 coats of it alone.

Orly Decades of Dysfunction is from Orly's Dark Shadows collection. It can still be found on their website here and at many other retailers online and in stores (Lately, everyone is finding them in their Sally's clearance section ;) ). This color is a dupe for Orly Pure Porcelain so if you can't find one hopefully, you can find the other. Like Orly on Facebook here.

Love & Beauty Pink Speckled Glitter can be purchased through Forever 21 online here and in stores. I never realized they made such a variety of colors! I will have to check them all out when I am near a store. ;) Find Forever 21 on Facebook here.
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