Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Possible OPI So So Skullicious Mini Set Dupes

When I first swatched these colors for my last post I thought they looked a lot like the Julep colors I received in my first, and only at the moment, Julep It Girl Maven Box. I didn't bother swatching OPI Mourning Glory for comparison because, well it's a basic black cream and has a thousand different polishes it could be compared to and they would all be dupes. ;)

This post is pretty picture heavy so click the "Read More" button to view it in it's entirety. 

First up are yellows! Julep Daisy is as a bright lemon yellow creme. As I described OPI Candlelight in my last post, it is a creme/jelly formula that is an egg yolk yellow.  
 My middle finger is 3 coats of Candlelight and my pinky finger is 4 coats. While my index is 3 coats of Daisy and ring finger is 4 coats. All have a base coat of OPI Nail Envy and no top coat.
I would definitely call these dupes of each other. With the first 2 coats of them you could see Candlelight was a little darker but, with 3 and 4 coats they are identical. Formula wise they were the same so if you have one you don't need the other. ;)
Now onto the oranges! I have previously compared Sinful Colors Citrine and Sephora + Pantone Universe Tangerine Tango here but threw them into this mix as well. 
 Sinful Colors Citrine is described as a red based orange creme. Sephora + Pantone Universe Tangerine Tango is also a red based orange creme, although a tad darker than Citrine. Julep Sasha is listed by Juelp as a fresh, cantaloupe melon cremeOPI Hi, Pumpkin! is described as a jack-o-lantern orange. 
My index finger is Citrine while, my middle finger is Sasha. My ring finger is Hi, Pumpkin! and my pinky is Tangerine Tango. All are 3 coats of each color and are over OPI Nail Envy and have no top coat. 
No dupes here! Hi, Pumpkin! isn't like any other orange color I own. Sasha is a more pink based orange. Hi, Pumpkin! stands alone and so does Sasha in this category.
And last, but not least, the pinks! Milani La Vie En Rose, Julep Lily, OPI A -Rose From The Dead and MAC Steamy can all be described as a fuchsia creme. La Vie En Rose and Lily are more of a purple/berry pink than the other two though.
My index finger is 2 coats of La Vie En Rose. My middle finer is Lily in 3 coats . My ring finger is 3 coats of A-Rose From The Dead and my pinky finger is 2 coats of Steamy. All have a base coat of OPI Nail Envy and have no top coat.
Again no dupes here! La Vie En Rose is close to Steamy but, Steamy is a tad lighter. I love the formula of Steamy so I would choose it over La Vie En Rose hands down.

Overall, I'm pleased I only have one dupe for the OPI mini kit. I especially am happy that I have a dupe for the one color I really loved out of the entire set. I guess picking up the set based on it's looks paid off in terms of variety for me. :)

Julep polishes can be found on their website here. You can sign up for Julep's Maven program here (this is a referral link) and use the code COLORS4ONE to get your first box for just a penny! You can also find Julep polishes in store at Sephoras with nail bars. You can like Julep on Facebook here.

OPI So So Skullicious Mini Set should be coming out at retailers that carry OPI products soon. I have seen them on Ebay and Amazon already as well. Make sure to like OPI on Facebook here. 

Sephora + Pantone Universe Color of the Year Nail Enamel set can be purchased from Sephora in stores or online here.  

Sinful Colors Citrine can be found at most Walgreens and is apart of their Wow Pop collection but, may still be found at some Walgreens. 

Milani polishes can be purchased in stores such as CVS, Walgreens, Target and a few others or online here. You can find Milani on Facebook here.

MAC polishes can be found in store at your local MAC counter or store and online here. MAC is on Facebook here.
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