Monday, February 17, 2014

Lacquerhead Polish Behind Blue Eyes, Wicked Attraction and You Need More Wine Reviews & Swatches

Ok let's try this catching up thing one more time! In the midst of trying to catch up last week, my computer's hard drive failed again. If you are keeping a tally on me this is the 6th time. -_- Luckily if nothing else I have become a fiend about backing up so I didn't lose any of my swatches. ;) Now I have swatches for 40+ polishes to sit down and edit, watermark and write up posts about; so that means if all goes well more posts this week!

Now onto what you are really here to see and read about, polish! Lacquerhead Polish has been pumping out a lot of new or updated colors lately and I have 3 new ones to share today. So onto the polish!

Behind Blue Eyes has a bright blue base with fine scattered holographic glitters. Shown is 3 coats with top coat.
I would buy this polish for the base color alone! :P I'm always a sucker for a great royal blue, but the added glitters really make it even more amazing than just another royal blue! Formula was great and you could probably get away with 2 thicker coats, I'm always a thin coater, instead of 3 coats. It does dry with a rubbery finish, so if you want a glassy look a top coat will do the trick. :)
Wicked Attraction is described as an ultra fine holographic glitter topcoat with different sizes of pink and purple glitters. In these photos I used 2 thin coats over 3 coats of Behind Blue Eyes with an accent nail of 1 coat of Wicked Attraction dabbed on over bare nail.
Wicked Attraction is very versatile, as you can see. :) I love it over Behind Blue Eyes, but you can put it over a ton of different colors or just have it on it's own. Formula wasn't too thick or too thin and dried quickly. I can see now in my macro shots that I didn't quite fill in my accent nail all the way. In person though, I didn't notice because I was too blinded by the sparkles! :P
You Need More Wine is a deep red-burgundy jelly with scattered gold holographic glitter. All nails are 3 coats with top coat.
I never need more wine; I'll take this polish instead! Random factoid about me: I can't drink wine because my brain thinks it should taste just like grape juice and it doesn't. I have the same thing with beer and thinking it should taste like apple juice. Haha Enough about me! The glitters in this polish give it a fiery look, you know without actual burning of the nails though. ;) Formula was again great, but like Behind Blue Eyes will need a top coat for a glossy finish.
All of these polishes are in stock now through Lacquerhead Polish's Etsy shop. She also has added some new holos and revamped versions of previous holos (they are more holo-rific now!), so be sure to check those out! Follow Lacquerhead Polish onFacebookInstagram and Twitter!
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