Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wet n Wild Coloricon Toppings + Possible Dupes

This is post will be a tad different than normal. Since all the polishes are similar except for their base color, I'm not going to list anything but there name and I will be using 3-4 coats of each polish on my index and ring nails and 1 coat of polish over black on my middle and pinky nails. All nails will have a top coat of Seche Vite. I'm also just going to list my thoughts at the very end of the post. This post is very picture heavy, so be warned! ;)
One more thing! I only own 1 polish from China Glaze's Prismatic collection and 4 from Wet n Wild's Coloricon Be Jeweled collection, so I can't compare all of them but did for the ones that I do have.

Chip On Your Shoulder:
Confections Of A Bake-aholic: (note: I only needed 2 coats of this polish on my index and ring nails)
Frosted Over:
Gimme Some Suga':
Icing Backup:
Sprinkled With Love:

Now on to comparisons of the new, Toppings collection versus the Be Jeweled collection and my one lonely China Glaze Prismatic polish. :P P.S. I got lazy here and just compared them each 1 coat over black and did so √° la 2 finger (nail?) style. ;) 

Chip On Your Shoulder vs. Jewels For Your Highness. Chip On Your Shoulder has a brighter pink base color.
 Frosted Over vs. Bow In My Presence. Frosted Over has a brighter blue base, while Bow In My Presence leans more green-blue.
Icing Backup vs. The Crown Is Mine. Dupes!
Sprinkled With Love vs. Speak When Spoken To vs. China Glaze Liquid Crystal. Both Wet n Wild polishes are dead on dupes for each other, compared to the China Glaze not so much. 

Over bare nail, the formula of the new Coloricon polish are less opaque than the older version, but over black the newer verison looks "smoother". I do like the newer version's brush much more than the old one. Also I just have to ask, what the heck was Wet n Wild thinking with these darn caps?! *grumble* And the tags are the only things that display the name of the polish. My nightmares have come true D:

The new Wet n Wild Coloricon Toppings collection can be found at Walgreens and retail for $2.99. Find Wet n Wild on Facebook and Twitter
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