Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lynnderella A Unicorn Walks into a Bar... & Man Candy

I am slacking on posting early, yet again >_< I know I'm sorry! But I have 2 amazing polishes to share, to make up for it! :)

A Unicorn Walks into a Bar... is described as
 basically a Lisa Frank sticker book realized in nail polish. It contains a rainbow of assorted translucent neon hexagons with translucent white squares, stars, moons, hexes and hearts in a blue-violet-shimmered base. Accented with iridescent blue sparks. In order from my index nail to pinky I used 2 coats of Sinful Colors Sweet Tooth, Cotton Candy, Sugar Rush and Unicorn with 1 coat of A Unicorn Walks into a Bar... and a top coat of Seche Vite.
Clearly I could not make up my mind for a base color! :P But hey, if I am using a polish that looks like a rainbow explosion, I might as well do the same with base colors! ;) I can't even say I liked it more over one of these colors than another because I really do love them all and I think this is the perfect way to wear it. :)
Man Candy is made with assorted cyan glitters with a sprinkle of translucent purple hexagons all in a shimmering turquoise base. I used 2 coats over 2 Sinful Colors Sugar n Spice and top coat of Seche Vite.
So I fully planned on writing that my camera wasn't able to pick up how this polish "glows", but it did!! It's more electric blue in person, but I will take it picking up at least one element of how this polish is on the nail. ;) It's so, so, so, so, so, so pretty! And who doesn't like going around saying they have man candy in their polish stash. :P 

You can purchase Lynnderella polish on eBay by going directly to Lynnderella.com. Be sure to follow all the Lynnderella fan pages on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Tumblr
For any international ladies looking to purchase some of these beautiful polishes, you will soon be able to from Norway Nails. Make sure to follow Lynnderella's blog and Norway Nails on Facebook to stay up to date on when they will be stocked.
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