Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Silly Bee's Chickadees Miracle Gross, Paint Chips and Soggy Sod Reviews & Swatches

I planned for this post to go up tomorrow, but the polish world seems to buzzing about this new collaboration! The entire line was created between Silly Bee's Chickadees and Sonoma Nail Art and is called Don't Eat The Polish. Very good advice if you ask me! ;)

Miracle Gross has reddish-brown base with white and black matte glitter and brown glitter in various sizes. I used 2 coats with a top coat of HK Girl Top Coat.
Melissa asked me a very good question when we were talking about her new line of polish: What are those white bits in Miracle-Gro? Anyone know a definitive answer? I found various answers online. Anyways! :P The brown base in Miracle Gross isn't too dark making the white glitters stand out nicely and the brown glitters also add a nice "spark" without getting lost in the base color. I love how well all the colors go together and even though it is labeled as "gross" it's a fun, unique color. Formula was problem free and gave me no troubles. Now only if it would have the same properties of Miracle-Gro and make my nails grow super quick! ;)
Paint Chips has a light blue base with various sizes and shapes of smokey gray and light blue glitter and holographic shards. All nails are 3 coats with a top coat of Seche Vite.
If my walls were painted with this polish I may be eating paint chips of it! :P Ok not really, I would rather not eat paint or polish. ;) But it sure is beautiful! Formula was again great; it dried quickly, was a perfect consistency and was pretty smooth before a top coat. I switched the bottle around in the first photo to show off Mrs. Chickadee in her sickness. Tsk tsk Mrs. Chickadee, don't go eating things you shouldn't! ;)
Soggy Sod is a light grass green colored polish with smaller holographic hexes, yellow satin squares, medium sized white hexes and green and yellow shards. I used 2 coats with a top coat of Seche Vite.
I have a lovely allergy to fresh cut grass, so I'll stick to this polish to make up for my body's dislike of grass. :P I love the green and yellow shards because they remind me of little cuts of grass and they work perfectly with everything else the polish has to offer. I also adore this color because the green color works great with my skin tone! I haven't found a lighter green work so well with me yet. I guess me and grass get along in the polish world but not in the real world. :P Formula was again trouble free and I didn't need to fish for any of the shards. :)

Silly Bee's Chickadees part of this collaboration will be available on her Etsy store here and Sonoma Nail Art's will be on her Etsy store here. All polishes will be released on Friday, March 8th at 12 PM PST. You can check out photos of Sonoma Nail Art's polishes from this line on Facebook here. You can follow Silly Bee's Chickadees on Facebook here and Sonoma Nail Art here, to find out other stock dates and fun things like giveaway running! Currently there is a  giveaway running to win the entire line from both Silly Bee's and Sonoma here, so make sure to go enter!

Products were provided for review, all opinions are my own.
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