Friday, March 15, 2013

Jindie Nails Water 4 Elephants & Zomboy

I'm still in the process of going down my collection and swatching things I haven't. It doesn't help when I keep getting new things in! >_< So this post is a just a few polishes that haven't gotten the attention they deserve yet! :P

Water 4 Elephants contains blue and green glitters in various sizes and color shifting pigment all in a gray creme base. All nails are 4 coats with a top coat of Seche Vite.
Even though in low light this color is subtle, when the light hits it this polish really pops! The glitters and shimmer really stand out nicely against the gray base color and they make a beautiful color combination. I did have to use 4 coats because at 1 and 2 coats, it's still very sheer. You may be able to get away with 3 coats if you do thicker coats to start with though. The only thing that bugs me about this polish is the name. >_< It's probably the old woman inside me that wants to correct 4 to for. :P
Zomboy has a deep purple jelly base with color shifting glitter with blue and raspberry pink holographic glitters in various sizes. I used 3 coats with a top coat of Seche Vite.
My pictures don't do justice to the "sparks" the blue glitters give off, but it does show how the pink glitters stand out. ;) In 3 coats this color is darker under normal lighting though the glitters help mix is up and make it interesting. :) 

 Jindie Nails can be purchased through Etsy (though she is currently closed), Ninja Polish and Mei Mei's Signatures. I'm not sure if these colors are both sale anymore >_< sorry if they aren't! You can follow Jindie Nails on Facebook and Instagram.
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