Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tip Top Nails Bright Spark, I Luv Denim and U Crackle Me Up Reviews, & Swatches

I have more Tip Top Nails products to share with everyone today. Sickness is making it's way around my house this week and with the time change on top of that, later posts may start to happen sorry! I do hope everyone in the states found their way out to vote today though! :)

Tip Top Nails Bright Spark is a frosty golden brown polish. All nails have 2 coats with a base coat of Tip Top Nails Toughen Up Maxi Growth Base Coat and no top coat. I used it previously as base coat to Jindie Nails' Santa Claws (post here).

Formula of Bright Spark was similar to Tip Top Nails Hot Fudge (post here); a little thin but had a decent color payoff, dried quickly and showed brush strokes. I feel like the name of this polish would be better named Hot Fudge because of brown/gold look and Hot Fudge would be better named Bright Spark. I look into things a little too much sometimes! :P The color is again something I wouldn't normally wear because it's frost but it is nice to try out a variety of polishes. :) 
I Luv Denim is a double ended polish; one side having a light blue matte color with silver shimmer and the other having a darker blue matte color with the same shimmer. I used 1 coat of each color from I Luv Denim on alternating nails. I used Tip Top Nails Toughen Up Maxi Growth Base Coat and applied Tip Top Nails Toughen Up Maxi Growth Top Coat to only my ring and pinky nails. 
This color definitely reminds me of well, denim! Formula was great and the color pay off with one coat was perfect! It dried quickly, partly because the formula is a matte, and even though my photos didn't pick it up well looks great with or without a top coat. The only thing that "irks" me a little about this polish is the name, spelling luv instead of love drives me a little crazy! :P
 U Crackle Me Up is another double ended polish; one end having a gold crackle and the other a clear top coat. I used one coat of the gold crackle over my above I Luv Denim manicure and applied the included top coat on my ring and piny nails. I do love the name of this polish, except for you being spelled u, it's quite clever! :P
I am not an expert when it come to crackle polish by any means, this is the only crackle I own so you may want to take my review with a grain of salt! :P This polish dried very quickly, a little too quickly in fact. I usually do one side of my nail and then move onto the other; by the time I had done one side and moved onto the next, the first side was already dry! Though it did dry matte with a "gritty"feel the included top coat helped fix that. The formula was a little thick but, this may be normal for crackles? Sorry I'm really not sure! I'm not a fan of crackles normally and have never found a combination I really love quite like this gold over the lighter blue. :)

Although I have only used Tip Top Nails Toughen Up Maxi Growth Base and Top Coat a few times now, I thought I would do a small write up regarding them. The base coat was easy to use and dried fairly quickly. When I used the base coat, I experienced no extra staining (my nails are pretty stained to begin with :P), which is always nice! 
 Tip Top Nails Toughen Up Maxi Growth Top Coat again dried fairly quickly, not as quick as Seche Vite or Hong Kong Girl Top Coat though. It also did not provide a super shiny look like Seche Vite and Hong Kong Girl Top Coat. I do like that it is a treatment and top coat, not something you see too often. 

To purchase Tip Top Nails polish outside of South Africa email info@tiptopnails.co.za. The cost per polish is R39:99 (about $4.50 USD) and postage is R250 (about $28.63 USD) for shipping. Find information about their huge line of products and colors on their website here and make sure to check them out on Facebook here. Their Facebook has great daily tips and tricks and there is always some sort of contest happening!

These products were sent for review, all opinions are my own.

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