Friday, November 9, 2012

Different Dimension Candied Corn, Maize & Blue and Rake, Crunch, JUMP! Reviews & Swatches

I'm still not feeling well, though better than yesterday. :) The group of polishes I named this set from Different Dimension was the "random" group. I will be replying to messages and comments right after I put this up; so if you haven't heard from me, you will shortly! 

Different Dimension Candied Corn is a glow in the dark polish with various sizes of white hexes, orange hexes and iridescent color shifting glitters. I started with 2 coats of Chirality Polish Bloodshot (post here) and added 2 coats of Candied Corn. No top or base coat was used. 
As you can see this polish does glow! I held my hand up to a light for a few minutes to speed up the process and it's glowed for a little while. The formula was the perfect consistency, though I did have to fish for a few of the larger hexes. I could have gotten away with one coat of this polish but I wanted more glow power! :P  It dried quickly and without a top coat had a slight gritty feeling.
Maize & Blue has a jelly blue base with different sized yellow hexes in it. The color is based off of University of Michigan colors, if any readers are fan! All nails are 3 thin coats with no base or top coat
Even with 3 coats, Maize & Blue dried quickly and I had zero problems with the formula's consistency. I didn't need a top coat because it dried smooth to the touch and as you can see had no problem getting glitter out! This polish reminds me of another polish I have been lemming for awhile, so I will definitely  be picking up a full size! :)
Rake, Crunch, JUMP! is  listed as "a great fall layering polish, packed full of neutral colored glitters that remind me of the leaf piles I would rake up, crunch & jump into as a child!' I don't think I could agree with the polish description more! :P I went a little crazy with different combos of this polish, this photo is 1 coat of Rake, Crunch, JUMP! over Different Dimension Warm Fuzzies (post here)
Since I mentioned I did a little too many combinations with this polish, I'll go ahead a write about the formula now and then you can read on for more pictures. ;) The formula was perfect; no problem with "fishing" out glitters, it dried quickly and had only a small "bumpy" feeling with no top coat. This photo is the same combination as the one above except matted with Hard Candy Matte-ly In Love.
All nails are 1 coat of Rake, Crunch, JUMP! over Different Dimension I Will Follow You Into The Dark (post here) with Hard Candy Matte-ly In Love. I think this photo shows that even with one coat, this polish contains a lot of glitter! ;)
Last one I swear! I used again 1 coat of Rake, Crunch, JUMP! over Different Dimension Walk Of Shame (post here) and matted it with Hard Candy Matte-ly In Love. The glitter in Rake, Crunch, JUMP! does have a few glitters that appear to be curling but they are only reflective curling glitter, so have no fear!

You can find Different Dimension on etsy here. Currently I do not see Candied Corn or Maize & Blue in stock. :( Hopefully, they will be soon! Make sure to like Different Dimension on Facebook here!

These products were sent for review, all opinions are my own. 
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