Friday, May 23, 2014

Doctor Lacquer Pastel Duo and Tri Duo Reviews & Swatches

Hi again everyone! Today will be another two post day to try to catch up with all that I have to swatch, so be ready. :P First up I have two newer duos from Doctor Lacquer!

Doctor Lacquer Pastel Duo and Tri Duo
Pastel Duo
Both of these polishes were named by Doctor Lacquer fan from a contest held on their Instagram. :)
Doctor Lacquer Botany Plants Lately? SwatchBotany Plants Lately? contains pink, yellow, and lavender flowers along with various multi-sized pastel-colored hexes in a milky white crelly base. Shown is 4 coats with top coat.Doctor Lacquer Botany Plants Lately? SwatchSo I will give a fair warning that I haven't been able to fine tune the new camera to pick up this polish well. The glitters do peak out a bit more than my picture show. They look really pretty squished in the crelly base and give off a nice subtle over all look. :) Formula was a pretty streaky in the first 2 coats, but evened up nicely in the third and fourth. I would recommend using thicker coats to help build opacity quicker and because I found with thinner coats sometimes they "pulled off" some of the polish from the previous layer. Alternately  you could also layer this over a white base to help. :)Doctor Lacquer Botany Plants Lately? SwatchDoctor Lacquer I'm Lavender Rain SwatchI'm Lavender Rain is a milky white crelly with various sizes and colors of pastel dots. All nails are 3 coats with top coat.Doctor Lacquer I'm Lavender Rain Swatch
My camera did a better job with I'm Lavender Rain because the dots really pop through. :) Formula wise it was similar to Botany Plants Lately?, though I did find it easier to use thicker coats to help with streakiness but this also led to a longer dry time. I really love the overall because it reminds me of pretty water color painting. :)Doctor Lacquer I'm Lavender Rain Swatch
Tri Duo
I chose to layer both of these over colors from Doctor Lacquer's Coholorful Traits Collection, but a bit of warning since my lighting wasn't set up for holographics it only "caught" the glitters from this duo and not so much the base colors. ;) So the polishes from the Coholorful Traits Collection are holographic you just can't tell from these photos.
Doctor Lacquer Polygon Flash Swatch
Polygon Flash is a clear based polish with various white, black and silver holographic glitters. Here is 1 coat dabbed over 3 coats of Optimistic Youth.
Doctor Lacquer Polygon Flash Swatch
Polygon Flash lives up to it's name in a being pretty flashy! :P The added black and white glitters help balance out the silver holographic, so they aren't giving you Photokeratitis (check out the listing for Polygon Flash for the meaning of this ;) ). Formula was great! I chose to use the dabbing method just to get more glitter in less coats. 
Doctor Lacquer Polygon Flash Swatch
Doctor Lacquer Pythagorean Fiesta Swatch
Pythagorean Fiesta has a clear base with red, pink, purple, yellow and blue triangle shaped glitter. All nails are 1 coat dabbed over 3 coats of Mysterious Love.
Doctor Lacquer Pythagorean Fiesta Swatch
In contrast to Polygon Flash, Polygon Flash gives some color to your nails instead of flash. Again I chose to use the dabbing method to get more glitter on my nails in less coats and had no problems with the formula. It is a lot of fun seeing so many triangles on my nails! :P
Doctor Lacquer Pythagorean Fiesta Swatch
Both of these duos are available now through Doctor Lacquer's etsy storefront and (where they are available separately as well)! Make sure to follow Doctor Lacquer on Facebook, Twitter, Google+Instagram and Pinterest!
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