Friday, December 6, 2013

Lynnderella 12/6/13 Red Velvet Cake Dress - Advents 2013

On track now! Woo-hoo! Not only will I be showing off today's advent, I will be posting my custom Lynnderella Christmas polish tonight. That post will come will an added giveaway too, so stay tuned! :D
  Red Velvet Cake Dress is a deceptively simple concoction of red microglitters with red metallic dots in a clear base. All nails are 2 coats with top coat. 
 I would happily take a dress made from red velvet cake, but no promises it would last long! :P The red color of  Red Velvet Cake Dress is gorgeous and I love the added little circles, or mini cakes perhaps? ;) 
Find Lynnderella Advents through They are a limited edition polish only available through eBay. If you are international and interested in core colors make sure to check out Norway Nails and Glitter Connect. Follow the Lynnderella fan pages on FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest and Tumblr
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