Friday, December 13, 2013

Lynnderella 12/12/13 Queen for a Day & 12/13/13 Date Night - Advents 2013

I meant to have this posted earlier, but Blogger had other ideas. >_< It was making my photos looked all stretched out and crazy! I couldn't figure out why, but was out the door to take my little one to Santa was was just hopeful it would fix itself while I was gone. Luckily I was right, so Friday the 13th problems avoided! :P
Queen for a Day is made with red, gold and gold holographic glitter shards in a clear base spiked with gold holographic microglitter and red-gold shimmer. All nails are 1 coat over 1 coat of Sephora Hey DJ!
You will in fact feel pretty royal with this on your nails. ;) Even though the description doesn't mention it, my bottle has iridescent shards that offer a great look when this color is over a darker color and look great with the red and gold shards. :)
Date Night is a blackened navy blue with intense blue shimmer and pink sparks. Shown is 3 coats over bare nail.
Love when Lynn does cremes! My camera wasn't too fond on picking up the pink sparks, but you can see them on a few nails. :) I have a feeling tomorrow's advent will pair well with this one. :P
Lynnderella Advents are a limited edition lacquer that can be found through Interested in core colors and are international? Check out Norway Nails and Glitter Connect! Follow the Lynnderella fan pages on FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest and Tumblr
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