Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Salon Perfect Neon Collision Swatches

Hi everyone! I have the new collection from Salon Perfect called Neon Collision to show you today. 
For all the manicures in this post I used 3 coats of the polish followed by a coat of Gelous and a coat of Seche Vite.
Small note: My camera liked picking up the neon orange as more pink than it is in real life. :/ Sorry!

Bang is a mixture of orange and yellow micro matte glitter. 
Exploded has a mixture of red-orange and yellow micro matte glitter.
Jolt contains yellow and orange micro matte glitter.
Kaboom has a turquoise and yellow micro matte glitter.
If you are wondering how Kaboom compares to Floam here you go! The blue in Floam is just a tad darker than Kaboom, but I would say not a big enough difference to "need" both. ;)
Shocked is a combination of hot pink and blue micro matte glitter.
Zapped has a mixture of yellow and turquoise matte micro glitter.
While I don't own Nail Pattern Boldness Flipping Out Hard anymore, I do have a swatch from my nail wheels to compare it to Zapped and Kaboom. No dupes here though!
Once I got my hands on Exploded, I decided to have some fun with it and Jolt and Bang. ;)

If you have Floam, formula is similar: a little on the thick side, but you can "dab" in extra glitter where needed. To make them completely smooth you will need something like the Gelous and top coat combo I used or a few coats of top coat. ;)

Salon Perfect should be popping up at Walmarts near you soon! They are limited edition, so snatch them up while you can! They retail for $3.98 a bottle. Follow Salon Perfect on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram.
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