Thursday, June 6, 2013

GlitterBunny Polish Reviews & Swatches

Woo-hoo it's almost Friday! Today I have an international indie brand to share called GlitterBunny. Now maybe it's just me, but when I hear international indie I cringe and think of high shipping costs and taking forever to come in the mail. But you are in luck because with GlitterBunny there is neither! Shipping is $4.50 for international purchases ($1.75 if you are within Israel) and my package came super quick! It was sent on May 27th and I received it on June 2nd, so just a tad over week. Can't complain with that! ;)

GummyBerry contains fine holographic glitter with white and black hex and bar glitter all in a deep berry colored jelly base. All nails are 2 coats with top coat.
Nicole, the creator of GlitterBunny Polish, does note her polishes are bit thicker and some need glitters may need to be "placed". I personally found that with GummyBerry this was semi-accurate. I didn't have a problem with getting any glitter out or having to place it where I wanted. It was a little thicker, but in my experience similar to any jelly polish. Dry time was average, again something I find with most jellies. :) The color and over all look is awesome! I love the squishiness it gives off and the base color is amazing!
I Got a Goodie Bag has various colors, finishes, and sizes of square glitter in a clear base with fine holographic glitter. I layered 1 coat of I Got a Goodie over 3 coats of L'Oreal Lilac Coolers with top coat.
I found the formula of I Got a Goodie Bag similar to GummyBear with the exception of I did have to place a few glitters. Nothing hard to work with though! :) I love the fun mix of bright colors and the fine holo glitter! I also love the name because even at almost 25, goodie bags are the best!! :P
Krazy Straws is described as various neon glitters in a clear base. I started with Pure Ice Touch of Glamour with 2 coats of Krazy Straws and top coat. 
Formula was the same as I Got a Goodie Bag; a bit thick and I needed to dab glitter but easy to work with. I love the bright colors in this polish and of course the blues are my favorite. ;) Hopefully when you get a goodie bag you can hope you get a krazy straw too! :P
Part of That World is a shimmery dark blue jelly base with small turquoise glitter and medium sizes purple squres. All nails are 2 coats with top coat. 
My camera only caught a little of the shimmer in this polish, more in the close up than any other picture, but I assure you it's gorgeous! Formula was perfect: the right consistency, dried quickly and the glitter spread out nicely. The purple squares do have so reflective curling, but it doesn't hinder the overall look at all. The name from this polish comes from The Little Mermaid and I definitely get the mermaid vibe from it! :)

You can purchase GlitterBunny Polish through their BigCartel storefront. Currently I Got a Goodie Bag and Krazy Straws are out of stock but as Nicole has told me they should be in stock in 2 weeks. :) Make sure to Follow GlitterBunny Polish on Facebook to stay updated with restocks and new colors.
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