Monday, April 15, 2013

Zoya Summer PixieDust Collection Swatches & Reviews

Happy Monday! Today I have the new PixieDust collection from Zoya to share! I know not everyone is in love with textures, and to be honest I wasn't on board with them until trying out the glittery versions of them, but I really love them now! :) 
Every color from this collection was easy to work with and only took 2 coats to become opaque. I didn't use a top coat or base coat for any of the colors, except with Liberty I did use a base coat because I was afraid it would stain. Zoya does recommend a base coat for Liberty that dries matte, like their Get Even base coat.

Beatrix a tangerine metal sparkle.
Destiny a coral metal sparkle.
Liberty a blue sugary sparkle.
Miranda a rose sparkle.
Solange a gold metal foil.
Stevie a violet sparkle.
I had some fun following "Roy G. Biv" and doing a rainbow gradient. ;) I know I lacked green, but I worked with what I had. :P 

My top picks would be Liberty (seriously you need this polish, if nothing else!), Stevie, Solange (unfortantly this color doesn't work with my skin tone, but it's beautiful!) and Miranda. 

Find the new PixieDust collection for sale right now on Zoya.comIf you’re new to Zoya, you can sign up on their website with the link above and receive a one-time use coupon code for a free polish!  You just need to pay for shipping and handling, but if you add 2 more, you get free shipping! I'm not sure if the code applies to the PixieDust polishes, never the less free polish is always a good thing! ;) Make sure to follow Zoya on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and their blog for information about new upcoming colors!

P.S. I'm trying out a new comment system. Please let me know if you like it or not! :)
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