Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lacquerhead Polish Puffy Purple and You're The Fruit in My Nutcake Reviews & Swatches

I have a few more polishes from Lacquerhead Polish to share with you today. I hope everyone is enjoying seeing them! :) I feel like I need a Lacquerhead Polish shirt from all the polishes I have from her! :P Really though, I have never had a problem with any formulas, the colors are a mix of cremes and glitters and she has wonderful customer service. Everything you should look for when buying polish!

Lacquerhead Puffy Purple has a white base and matte purple hexes and squares, fine holo purple and extra fine lavender glitter. All nails are 3 coats with a top coat of Seche Vite.
This color reminds me of a purple verison of Lacquerhead Polish's Cold Shoulder (post here). If you love purple and Cold Shoulder, you will love Puffy Purple! Purple is by far my favorite color, so you can guess how I feel about this polish! :P I had no trouble getting out any glitters and it dried quickly. :)
You're The Fruit in My Nutcake is a mix of different sized brown metallic glitters and a dash of other colored glitters like blue, purple, green and silver. I started with 4 coats of Butter London Bread & Butter Pudding (post here) and added 2 coats of You're The Fruit in My Nutcake with no top coat.
I had to buy this polish, since my husband is obsessed with fruit cake. Since the beginning of December he's gone through 2 or 3 bars(?), loafs(?) of them I'm not really sure the technical term for fruitcake. I'll be honest before I met him I didn't think anyone but my grandfather really ate fruit cake! :P Back to this polish though, it had a perfect formula of course and I love it over Bread & Butter Pudding! I guess food named polishes work well together! ;)

 Lacquerhead Polish is sold on etsy here. Her cuticle oils are also marked down to $4 currently and ship free with other items, so make sure to pick up one of those as well. :) Find Lacquerhead Polish on Facebook here to stay up to date with deals and new colors.

Puffy Purple was sent for review, all opinions are my own.
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