Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Jindie Nails Oh, U Fancy, HUH? Review & Swatches

Another Jindie Nail post for the day! I'll be a little sad when I finally finish up posting all the polishes I received from Jindie Nails for review. I just ordered 3 bottles from her the other day so I'll have more of her creations to show off in the near future. ;) Make sure to stick around, on Friday I will be doing a giveaway where you can win 4 minis in your choice of colors from her! Now on to the swatches of Oh, U Fancy, HUH? !

Jindie Nails Oh, U Fancy, HUH? is described as grape matte purple, neon matte pink, matte teal and teal sparkle glitter. The base of it has a clear slight pink tint.
All fingers, with the exception of my ring finger, are 2 coats of  Oh, U Fancy, HUH? over 3 coats of OPI Pink Friday (I will have swatches of this up Friday). My ring finger is 4 coats of Oh, U Fancy, HUH? over bare nail. All nails have a top coat of Seche Vite and no base coat.
But of course, this is another amazing formula! If you haven't worn or worked with a lot with glitter polishes or are wanting to get some for a friend or family member that hasn't, Jindie Nails formula is the perfect place to start. The only time I have had to "fish" for glitters was mentioned in my last post here and I have never had to use the "dab" method to achieve the amount of glitter placement I get on my nails. I think that says a lot about a polish when you don't have to use many of coats to achieve a great look!
The mix of matte and shiny glitter in Oh, U Fancy, HUH? is spot on perfect.  I love how the pink tint to the base changed how Pink Friday the slightest bit. I honestly had no idea where the name of this polish came from until I googled it :P It seems to be lyrics from a Drake song. The more you know. ;)

 Jindie Nails Etsy shop can be found here. Make sure to check out Jindie Nails on Instagram here and like her Facebook here .

This product was sent for review, all opinions are my own.

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