Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Lynnderella Children of the Candy Corn 3, Contessa Zucca Pumpkina, Lucky Numbers, Something Old... & When We Were Little

I'm so behind on Lynnderella swatches! >_< I do apologize as I've been letting the stress from the upcoming move and the insanity my son brings me daily, get in the way of time for posting. I'm devoting all day to posts and editing my photos (which doesn't sound like a lot when all I do is crop and watermark, but I take tons of pictures and have to go through and find my favorites), in hopes to catch up! :)

Children of the Candy Corn 3 contains satin and matte orange, yellow and white in a gold-shimmered clear base. All nails are 2 coats of 3 coat of Linda Johansen Razzle Dazzle.
 Waiter! There are 4-legged octopi swimming in my candy corn! Haha :P I'll never see them as anything different, I'm afraid!  I love how Children of the Candy Corn has evolved with each version and this one is no different, even if I do have octopi swimming in my candy corn. ;)
Contessa Zucca Pumpkina has metallic, neon and satin orange glitters accented with iridescent green and neon in clear peridot-shimmered base. These photos show 2 coats over 3 coats of Zoya Seraphina and an accent nail of 2 coats over 2 coats of Wet n Wild Ebony Hates Chris.
 I was afriad when I layered this over Zoya Seraphina my camera wouldn't capture the shimmer and I was right! >_< The two actually worked amazing together in person, but I layered it over black so you could really see all the shimmer Contessa Zucca Pumpkina has to offer! ;) The shimmer over Seraphina did come alive in my close up shots below at least! :)
Lucky Number is described as a shimmering sheer red-pink-gold pink base with different shapes and sizes of red and black glitter. Shown is 2 coats over 2 coats of Zoya Cassedy.
 Even though it isn't technically considered a "lucky number" my favorite number is 5. Not sure why, but I've always done things in groups of 5 (yes, yes I know this post has 6 polishes *twitch*) and been "drawn" to that number. There's your random factoid about me for the day. ;) 
Something Old... is a mixture of assorted whites accented with pastel yellow, soft pink glitter and gold holographic microglitter in a white-pink- and gold-shimmered clear base. All nails are 2 coats of Something Old... over 1 coat of Cult Nails Nevermore.
 I usually try to use something other than basic black to show off polishes for a full mani, though I did have a reason for using it here. Nothing brought out the shimmer quite like black did! :) Seriously look at that amazing shimmer and how it popped over black! Sometimes there is a reason to just back to a basic color like black and I think this polish is one of them. :)
When We Were Little  has assorted small bright and neon glitters in a clear multishimmered base.Here I layered 2 coats of When We Were Little over 2 coats of Zoya Dream.
 Lynn never disappoints with multi-glitter neon mixes, am I right?! Sadly, the shimmer in this polish got a little lost using Dream as my base color. :/ You can never go wrong with a fun, Lynnderella multi-glitter mix though, shimmer or not. ;)
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