Friday, January 11, 2013

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream Review

I received Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream from BzzAgent recently and I could not be more in love with it! If you aren't apart of BzzAgent yet, make sure to check them out! They have a variety of different campaigns and you don't need to blog, just spread the word about the product. :)

Average amount I use.
After applying.

The good:

  • Left my hands feeling soft after just one use
  • Doesn't leave an oily look after applied
  • Stays on skin for hours
  • Original formula was a very light scent, you could almost call it unscented as well
  • Reasonable priced; around $4.99 for 2 oz
  • Can be used as lip balm 
  • Main ingredient is glycerin, the same ingredient you can add to remover to make it like Zoya Remove+
The bad:
  • If you apply too much it takes longer to soak in and can leaves your hands greasy feeling
  • As a lip balm it does not have a glossy feel, but more of a matte, dry feeling.
  • I wish the cap was a flip top instead of a screw on (this doesn't really make the product bad, just something I would have liked)

While I use cuticle oils and balm like crazy, I usually forget to take care of the rest of my hands. I've never had a problem in the winter with dry skin, but that was when I was living in Florida! Now I live in Arkansas where the weather is much different. ;) This hand cream is a life saver! My husband and I have been using it for about 2 weeks now and both have noticed a huge difference. While my dry skin is just from the cold weather, his is from the cold weather and dealing with his salt water tank. As you can imagine fiddling around with salt water all the time can really dry your skin out. I also love this formula because it doesn't leave a really shiny look behind, so I can apply it right before swatch photos and have my nails look nice and not overly shiny. The most important thing to stress about it is: a little goes a long way! 

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream can be found in store at most mass retailers and online through Neutrogena's website here. Find Neutrogena on Facebook here

These products were sent for review, all opinions are my own
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